Helsinki: Social Center Satama and its camp site evicted!=Estonia: Solidarity for Satama

Posted on September 2, 2011


Estonia: Solidarity for Satama

On Tuesday the 30th of August, following the eviction of Satama and its camp site, some anarchists in Estonia showed their solidarity to the social center and the evicted Roma people.



Helsinki: Social Center Satama and its camp site evicted!

Satama and its camp site were evicted on Tuesday, 30th of August, at 8.30 in the morning. The house is to be demolished soon to make way for the building of skyscrapers.

The City has suggested the Roma people camping in the house’s yard move to Rastila camping area, even though they are well aware that they are too poor to pay for it (a tent for four costs 990€ a month!). All people living in the trailer park have lost their homes.

On the 6th of June the Helsinki City Council decided to evict all current and future illegal camp sites. The City’s answer to the “beggar issue” does not take into consideration the position of the “beggars” (immigrants living in the illegal camp sites) at all.

The City of Helsinki has been trying to evict the camp outside Satama numerous times with no success during the two-year existence of the social center. The peole of the social center have also been pressured into evicting the camp theirselves. The City has promised to provide among other things a new space for the Social Center if and only if the camp is evicted. The autonomous social center Satama has not given in to the demands. It is morally wrong to maintain one’s position at the expense of others’ well being.

We hope that you’ll show up as soon as possible at social center Satama to show your support to both the people living in the camp and the struggle for free spaces. (Translators note: might be better to disregard the plea to come to the house and instead show your support in other ways due to the house having already been evicted.)