Letter bomb for Frank Henkel (CDU) Berlin the 20th of august 2011

Posted on August 29, 2011


Letter bomb for Frank Henkel (CDU)

Berlin the 20th of august 2011

Note from directactionde:

The communique was published some days before Frank Henkel received the “letter-bomb”. In the end the “letter bomb” was an envelope filled with a bit of black powder (that you can get from fireworks) and a mechanism that played the title-song of “Once upon a time in the wild west”. A mechanism that is often used in birthday cards. The “bomb” was not constructed to blow up.
So in the end we would call it a “letter bomb fake”, being used to threat someone.

the claim that got published on indymedia:

„Today we sent a letter bomb to the main candidate of the CDU (conservative party), Frank Henkel, who lives in the Friedrichsgracht 56, 10178, Berlin.
We took care of putting the right amount of explosive powder so to avoid potentially deadly injuries.
The artifice can’t explode on its post-way by mistake.

Frank Henkel has been taken into consideration through such a drastic measure since he is an arsonist in mind, who, through his propaganda, tries to push others to express their racism, social-darwinism and militant anti-communism in a brutal way.

One of his most-beloved theme are the migrants who refuse to integrate and would live off the German welfare-state. Through such declarations he offers to right-wings thugs their legitimation to attack all the people who might look „foreigners“.
With the same tone he makes propaganda against Sinti and Romas: during an election info-event, he described their residency in Berlin as a „gipsy-problem“ (note: the german word „zigeuner“ is used in a mean way).
One can see again his affinity with extreme right-wing thoughts in his latest declarations on car arsons.
In his world one should eliminate social conflicts by any means necessary, even with the use of vigilantes troops.

With such position Frank Henkel would be though only one among many german conservative citizens in this city, if he only would not be suspected of having a chance to become the major of this city, thanks to the fears of the electors.
Its election would surely carry bad consequences for the groups of people he constantly makes propaganda against during his election campaign.
Under him, the police would act even more brutally against people without german passports and would bring their struggle against antifascist and autonomous free-spaces up to a military level.
Through a´our little letter bomb Frank Henkel will slightly burn his fingers and hopefully he will realize that any right-wing persons are always going to be a target of antifascist resistance.
With our action we do not aim at all to take party for the unspeakable candidates of the SPD.
However we believe that there is a more elevate danger coming out from Henkel since his supporters are proner to violence than the average Berlin`s citizen.
The CDU is still composed of old city front-line fighters, who are still seeking to undertake a struggle of defense against alleged dangers coming from outside, despite the long-term fall of the GDR.
The typical clients of of Henkel’s faction would like to push forward the daily fight against beggars, graffiti-writers and vandals with the institution of a police reserve based on free-will.
Such a spectrum is supported by a militant middle-class who has a panic fear of its social descent.
In order to involve them Henkel brought in a lot of students who are members of a student-fraternities.
Beside brutal police violence, a city ruled by Henkel would push even more the population to become informers.
The reciprocal informing and reporting would be the column of a system which incites people against each other so to make them forget about its own mistakes.
Therefore Frank Henkel aims towards a growth of surveillance in the train stations and trains, being allegedly interested in guaranteeing security in the underground.
The ones who are going to get more and more nicked are those without a ticket, while his friends up in the ruling positions of the BVG (note: the company responsible for Berlin’s bus and underground system) will be able to gain massive earnings.

Our comrades in Greece marked the enemies of a libertarian society in the same way, by sending similar letter bombs.
They crossed the limits and offered an important contribution to the destabilization of the elite.
We would like to introduce the action-form of the highly-explosive letter under the aspect that car arson would target allegedly only the „normal people and therefore they would be not-political.
Through the individual delivery of this protest-letter we actually move closer to those who take the decisions about the irresponsible politics.

Nihilist tendency of the autonomous Groups.“