Breaking the banks action solidarity -bristol -uk

Posted on August 26, 2011


Last night the windows of Lloyds TSB in Fishponds were smashed, to let some air in to the filthy place and to show we will not keep quiet in the face of the relentless attacks of capital and the state.

A broken window helps to shatter the illusion that our enemies are invincible. True, it does not in itself make a revolution, but we hope the smashing of corporate glass finds echos everywhere as others realise the need to dismantle this rotten, murderous system and go on the attack. We know we are not alone. We’ve had enough of their everyday lies, violence and hipocrisy. They stop at nothing to have their vengeance, kicking down doors and dragging comrades away to enforce their tough justice and make an example, head on a stake style, to the rest of us who resist. Rioters and looters are the new figures of hate and public enemy number one, as our attention is diverted from the real enemy: killer cops literally getting away with murder. Greedy, lying politicians who have no shame whatsoever. Corporate mass media scum eagerly doing the state’s dirty work. Bankers and bosses making us all pay for their global mass theft and looting. They get impunity every time while we are harassed and hunted down, be it for debts or bills, resisting or looting. But none of them are beyond our reach or our rage. We will not sit back and watch them ruin more lives and they will not have it all their way. Against capital and state, for anarchy and freedom. We send solidarity to all who continue to fight back in whatever way we can. They said we should expect a knock on the door from the forces of the law in the next few weeks, and to be bought to “justice”. Well, that was a while ago and it hasn’t come yet. Keep trying. But meanwhile we’re not waiting at home for the oh so terrifying long arm of the law, so expect the resistance to intensify…

We dedicate this action;

to all the prisoners of the class war.

to all those who have died in the system’s police cells and prisons.

to all the resisters, rioters and looters who know the score.

to a good man from Bristol and all the other fighters currently evading capture.

Stay free and stay fighting!