Text concerning the prosecution of comrades M.Economou and A. Kossivas by six political prisoners(greece)

Posted on August 18, 2011


Text concerning the prosecution of comrades Economou and Kossivas by six political prisoners

August 18 is the deadline for the comrades M. Economou and A. Kossivas to appear on trial in Thiva, charged with a bank robbery which took place in Schimatari in March 2010. Kossivas is already on remand for a different case, the bank robbery in Psachna in Evia, along with two other comrades.M. Ecomomou has been released until the trial takes place on October 18, 2011.

So, a year after the bank robbery and purely incidentally two months before the trial for the Psachna robbery, in the middle of the summer, they decide to accuse them of a different ETE bank robbery, one in Schimatari. A framed direction from GADA addressed to the local cops of Thiva, a quiet summer period, a cop-friendly witness and the case is ready. Their persecutors were aware that the trumped up charges for the Psachna trial won’t stand up, so most likely the comrades will be acquitted. Thus, not to lose the opportunity as it was already there, they dusted off the files of the unsolved cases and decided to put some additional charges on them. It is evident that they are eager to look for various ways to keep the comrades in the net of the judicial and police mafia. To keep them confined to prisons, to courts, to modus operandi, to restrictive conditions and to this whole immoral plexus of illiberality, whose savage nature we recognize first hand, since we are prisoners of the State.

The comrades are a target of the mercenary police terrorists who are using filthy tricks try to trap them. However, we know very well that all these prosecutions did not come out of nowhere. The welfare of derailed developed capitalism. The recession which is exacerbating social-class inequalities followed and took its place, along with the struggle for the survival of economically weak people, strife and despair. The system has fallen into a profound crisis (financial, political, and social) that has given rise to the phenomenon of totalitarianism; the vertical growth of legal, martial and economic cover ups, the attack on society and certainly the persecution of the people who struggle. In short, crises have always triggered the intensification of State terrorism at all levels.

From 2009 until now, the wider radical movement has been living in a war zone. The need for freedom competes with the criminal actions of State and police that are relentlessly engaged in the regular rigging of case files, prosecutions and imprisonment of comrades.

These are not isolated unrelated incidents, but instead are part of a unified repressive plan with a clear aim; the taming of dissident struggles and the extermination of politically motivated fighters who according to the plan of the State, must not be allowed to wander free amidst a widespread crisis, digging the grave of the moribund political-economical system. But they can no longer hide. The smiling mask of Democracy has broken into a thousand pieces to reveal the disgusting face of totalitarianism. Their intentions and practices are well known.

We could focus exclusively on the absurdities of the ”trumped up” case file, the statements, changed each time, of the cop-driven witness who claims to recognise the comrades. Nevertheless we are not so naive as to talk about robberies and evidence since we see the prosecuting practices of junta being rejuvenated before our eyes. We are the ones who are to be punished as an example, for the subjection of all. We are the backfire generated by the criminal nature of power and capitalists. We are on target. We are next to our comrades M. Economou and A. Kossivas.

Immediate discharge of every prosecution and accusation against the comrades

The political prisoners







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