Chile: Santander Bank sabotaged in Santiago

Posted on August 16, 2011


Chile: Santander Bank sabotaged in Santiago

Posted on August 10, 2011

from culmine, translated by war on society:


On the night of July 31, the facade of the Santander bank located on July 10th Street and Rauli in Santiago was destroyed with a hammer and rocks.

The choice of this location was not an accident–although any bank would have been appropriate, Santander Bank has some particular points that encouraged us to pay it a visit. In addition to investing in the business of arms and wars, it also finances the businesses Endesa (Enel) and Colbún, co-owners of HidroAysén. The hydroelectric project that intends to build 5 dams in Patagonia, in addition to the construction of a large power line. Which will destroy hundreds of hectares of wilderness and with it the lives of thousands of wild species.

Nor is it a coincidence that two months ago, in a location near to the one attacked, comrade Tortuga was injured in an attempt to place a bomb. Comrade, this act of freedom was for you–strength!

La logica del dinero por sobre vida es lo que en definitiva rechazamos y combatimos. Tampoco nos interesa esa falsa defensa de la Tierra solo por que es “riqueza” que deberia ser para contemplarla como centro turistico o porque lugares como el sur distraen del frenesí de la urbe. La Tierra debe ser respetada, no usada, y en eso no transaremos cueste lo que cueste.

The logic of money over life is ultimately what we reject and combat. Nor are we interested in that false defense of the Earth only because it is “richness” that should exist in order to be contemplated as a tourist destination or because places like the south [of Chile, largely wilderness] distract from the frenzy of the city. The Earth should be respected, not used, and in this we will not compromise at any cost.

In order to live a free life it is necessary to destroy the systems of domination. It is here where each conscious person should intend to do something against such destruction, to act in defense of the Earth. Actions like the one we carried out do not stop the harmfulness of the system by themselves, but rather a wide conjunction of methods for the same end. Although the present may be adverse, we will not fail to try once and try again.

Special greetings for Billy, Costa and Silvia who were recently condemned to more than three years in prison for intending to carry out a beautiful action; take heart, comrades, this is not over yet.

Greetings to Marco Camenisch, to the accused and the members of the CCF, to Walter Bond, to Adrian Magdaleno and Braulio Duran, and also to the accused in the bombs case, especially to Diego Ríos and Gabriela Curilem, who are on the run.

This is a new beginning…

Earth Liberation Front.