‘Beyond borders,’ a 98 FM & Contra Info radio broadcast – Monday, June 27th(athens-greece)

Posted on August 10, 2011


In the framework of the cooperation between Athens free radio station 98 FM and the translation counter-information network Contra Info, another live broadcast under the title ‘Beyond borders’ [Ektos synoron] was held on June 27th.

DJ questionmark from the pirate radio station Free Radio Olympia 98.5 FM (Washington, DC) talks with Contra Info members. The discussion covers many topics of interest to anarchists and others in the social struggle, such as building and maintaining revolutionary infrastructure, opposing neo-Nazis and nationalism, immigrant solidarity, political and social prisoner solidarity, the uprising in 2008, general strikes, general assemblies and neighbourhood meetings, and much more. We also talk about the anarchist movement and prison struggles in the US.

You may hear this radio broadcast  (Greek/English; ca 4 hours), as well as its shorter version here (English only; ca 2 hours).

Soon, selected recordings will also be available on www.freie radios.net (Germany) to download.

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