Trouble sparks in Enfield and Brixton tonight -updates 8/8

Posted on August 7, 2011


daily mail blames anarchists for enfield

“A mob of 200 anarchists smashed their way into shops and lobbed concrete slabs at police cars following Saturday’s riot in Tottenham.”

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Brixton Road Pics – Foot Locker + H&M

 August 08, 2011 03:38

Police were very few, very tense and very ineffective. Foot Locker was up in flames, while H&M was being looted. Marks and Spencers, Bodyshop, McDonalds and most other shops on Brixton Road had glass damage, while other places like the games shop at the corner to Ferndale Road and William Hill on Stockwell Road have big gaping holes and look like some things might have gone missing.












The H&M was being attacked and looted with the police guarding the burning Foot Locker just up the road on the other side of Brixton Station. People inside were trying on things before deciding whether they were worth nicking. Shortly after the H&M was opened up to the public, most of the people on the streets took off towards Effra Road. Rumors said that some people were trying to break into Curry’s and Halfords between Mervan and Trelawn Road.

This turned out to be true. Heading down there later, police went into the parking lot and had the crowd pushed back towards Brixton Water Lane. After taking the long route round, approaching the situation from the South, the police line had moved back to the other end of the parking lot, leaving Curry’s open to the crowd.

Loads of people were on the streets, carrying large screens and laptops, even driving up in cars. While quite a few people were masked up, many were not, and we will see if the CCTV was good enough to be able to recognise number plates. The rain might have hampered vision, but the brazenness and festival atmosphere was amazing. People were chatting to each other and running around with big smiles on their faces.

01:45 8/8

Around midnight , after the end of Brixton Splash, clashes with the police started in Brixton, with several shops being looted and Footlockers ( next to Brixton Station) burned. ( Pic ) . Around 2pm reports suggest that the  riot cops has lost control of the situation in Brixton. Pepole moving round brixton hill.. macdonals get attack smash the windows PS CARRY  PIG SHOP GET attack and looted and very hevy rain…..


Police Patrol Car Set on Fire During Tottenham Riots on Saturday (August 6, 2011)

Some crowds had gathered this afternoon. The cops nicked a couple of people outside sandwich shop. Later some shop windows were smashed (tmobile, pearsons and others) and some looting (hmv?). Barricades were set up in the high street ( TSG eventually turned up to back up the local boys and followed a group of around 100 away up the adjoining road.

After much speculation on twitter and FB about planned rioting the police sent more reinforcements into the area including horses and dog units. They set up lines around the train station and surrounding roads and then closed it, presumably to stop more people from arriving there.

Shortly before 9pm it kicked off again when a couple of hundred attacked a jewellery shop and the cops waded in with loads of dogs and repeated baton charges. Other places having windows smashed now.


23.30 8/8

disturbances also now in walthamstow + brixton there small barricates on fire riotvans get attack with strong stoowns….and uncovercar….

enfield now mainly by ponders end – over last hrs quite a lot of stuff burnt and bare lootings – massive police operation

Trouble sparks small riot in Enfield tonight uk

Around 7pm this evening reports are coming in that there has been trouble in Enfield, North London continuing on from last nights disturbances in Tottenham. A police car and shop windows have been smashed up. Police in riot gear are around the area and talk of a large crowd hanging around.




This is folowing some incidences in Brixton after the Splash festival was ending, where there was a strong police presence.


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