Fullerton cops beat a homeless man into such a state he is left brain dead Kelly Thomas Murdered by Cops-(california-usa)

Posted on August 4, 2011


Fullerton cops beat a homeless man into such a state he is left brain dead, after they incorrectly identify him as a car thief.


Kelly Thomas was a 37-year-old homeless man living in Fullerton, California; a frequent and regular sight to locals, who described him as pleasant and child like! Yet on the evening of July 5th after wrongfully identifying him as a car burglar, a gang of police officers tased and beat the man to death.

While not clear the video below shows the scene from a distance, you can hear and read thanks to subtitles what is going on. A crowd of spectators gathered to watch, feeling it neither safe to intervene, or knowing if the person being beaten and stunned was guilty of anything serious.


Some of the spectators said they could here the sound of tazer’s being discharged into Kelly, however he was not moving, or making any attempt to struggle, presumably because he was too stunned to react. All the time though, with full knowledge of the crowd watching police kept uttering the words ‘He’s resisting, he’s resisting!”

Kelly Thomas was a familiar addition to the community, while some described him as being a little scary, it seems that the most menacing thing Thomas did was utter random words as people went by, a side effect of his schizophrenia.

The police have refused to comment on the incident, but did release the information that 16 years prior Thomas was found to be guilty of assault with a deadly weapon, as if this justifies beating a man to death.

While Kelly was alive when he was taken to hospital, the option to turn off the life support was made after it was decided that there would be no way that he could recover from his injuries.

Ron Thomas (Kelly Thomas’ father) spoke to website Friends Of Fullerton and stated that what had happened was that Kelly had been found by the officers to be “in contempt of cop” because he did not comply with their way of how things are, he did not go with their program. “They bullied him under colour of authority, he made them very angry, they did not follow procedures, they didn’t follow the procedures at all in how to arrest somebody, I teach how to arrest somebody”.  Ron said that having worked for decades as a police officer he was ashamed to be associated with the police force.

Further controversy has been caused by denial that any real “official” footage of the beating is available, but Friends Of Fullerton showed that their was a fully operational CCTV camera that will have caught all of the incident.

For those of you who wonder what sort a state Kelly was left in after the beating, below is a disturbing photograph of Kelly in Hospital just prior to his death.

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