Some Brief Information Regarding the Bombs Case (chile)

Posted on July 28, 2011


    International Solidarity with the 14 Imprisoned Anarchists in Chile

14 anarchists were arrested on August 14th and accused of terrorism by the Chilean state, around the media driven “Bombs Case”. The compañerxs are now held on house arrest under Pinochet’s anti-terrorist law.

On Wednesday July 13, the 24 hour house arrest of Felipe Guerra and Carlos Rivero was reduced to house arrest at night only from 20:00 hrs to 6:00 hrs. They will join Andrea, Omar and Vinicio who are currently under the same control methods.
Full house arrest, continues for Pablo Morales, Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Camilo Perez, Rodolfo Retamales.
During the period of house arrest (night or total), the police come to their homes at any time in order to extort a signature, harassing them at different hours of the morning and however many times a day they deem necessary.
On Thursday July 14, it was mentioned briefly from the press that prosecutors Francisco Rojas and Victor Nuñez have a bit of a case against them for tampering with the evidence gathered in the raid on the squat La Crota and the sample of traces of TNT used against Vinicio and Diego.
The investigation against the persecutors, begin after the hearings unfold in trial preparation, the intentional confusion and lies were made to grant the arrest warrants, examinations of traces of explosives and other things.

End to the antiterrorism law!
For the end of the “Bombs Case”!

– Anonymous people in solidarity