Freedom for Det! (germany-berlin)

Posted on July 27, 2011


In the early hours of Friday, June 10th, 2011, two comrades riding bicycles were stopped by undercover police (also on bikes) in the Moabit district of Berlin, Germany. After being searched and found in possession of firefighters and black clothing, as well as having ashy residue on their hands, both comrades were taken to Tempelhof police station. The accusation at this point in time: the arson of several luxury cars in a number of districts of Berlin.

Both comrades refused to testify against the interrogations come harassment’s of the LKA (Landeskriminalamt – state investigation) police, and it appears that at that moment there was insufficient evidence against them. One comrade was released, whilst the other, Detlef Maag, was retained, now accused of another attempted arson at 7am on the morning of May 16th, this time against a BMW in Friedrichshain. The evidence for Det’s involvement in this act lies in a number of photographs taken by a resident standing at their window. On the day of Det’s arrest, police raided his house and supposedly found clothes matching those in the photographs.

After being provisionally released due to his “stable social environment”, Det was almost immediately recalled to prison, where he now sits in the dungeons of Moabit. 23 hours per day in double cell no more than a 9m square in size. A pathetic breakfast, lunch and dinner with no more than one hour’s walk in the yard. He is allowed between one and two telephone calls per week, and visits of up to three people at a time, twice a month.

Det has a fifteen year old daughter, and with the conditions of his and every other prisoner’s imprisonment, he can only see her at a maximum of twice a month, over a long table and perspex screen that makes physical contact very difficult.

He can, however, receive unlimited postcards, letters and packages in any language, and since he has been inside, has written over two-hundred replies. His written and spoken English is fantastic, and he has requested texts and pamphlets by Jean Weir and Alfredo Bonanno.

Please write to him at:

Detlef Maag
Alt-Moabit 12a
10559 Berlin
Buchnummer: 1593/11

Fire to the Prisons!