Estate Agents attacked – Bristol -(U.K.)

Posted on July 21, 2011


Last night (20 July) the windows of Maggs & Allen Bristol were smashed.

We did this in response to Maggs & Allen’s part in the threatened eviction of the Freeshop and the Emporium, two squatted spaces on Stokes Croft. Our solidarity goes out to all people being threatened with eviction, from those in squats to those who can’t afford their rent.

To those who seek to criminalise squatting – a law designed only to protect property, which will make it harder for anyone, squatters or not, to house themselves: let this be an indication that we will resist.

Our actions last night were an expression of our rage against all estate agents and all others who profit from people’s need for shelter.

For those who profit from inflating rent prices and benefit from rising instability and the increasing lack of control in our lives, we have nothing but rocks and anger.

We refuse to wait for your bailiffs and intend to take the fight to those who attack us. Our struggle for freedom is one of our own choosing.

some anarchists 

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