Further updates about the situation of Luciano Tortuga-chile

Posted on July 20, 2011


From Liberación Total, translated by war on society:

We have seen the necessity of saying a little about the situation of the comrade Tortuga, since for over a month now comrades outside of $hile have not had information written by those close to Tortuga.

cuando pasado ya más de un mes, compas fuera de $hile no han tenido informacion redactada por cercanxs a Tortuga.

Certainly there is not much information, but it is necessary for those who still think that the comrade lost both hands and was blinded, we have made this brief summary of his health on the basis of what we could gather and have received by mail. It also clarifies some things said by the press.

Since late on June 1st, Tortuga has been in the Clínica Indisa where during the first week grafts of his own skin were made in the areas of his body that were most damaged.

The comrade suffered the amputation of his right hand up to the wrist and on his left hand he lost his thumb, index finger and half of the middle finger. The wounds to his eyes did not leave him blind, but also he can distinguish light contrasts and his vision could improve, it is not know if there will be operations on his eyes.

On the other hand, the press in their initial reports said that the device that Tortuga had used had a mixed activation system, similar to the one a veteran saboteur had recommended after the death of comrade Mauricio Morales, but then this same source reported that the explosive device DID NOT have two systems of activation, it only had one–with a watch, a 9-volt battery and a car bulb–which was detailed in the press with a descriptive graph.

On June 9th the daily La Tercera reported that Luciano had said that he did not have anything to do with the actions of early June 1st, which es a complete LIE, equal to many other things published by this mouthpiece of the prosecutors. The comrade has not said anything and spends most of the time in sedation caused by painkillers.

Only his siblings, father, mother and his partner can visit him. Agents (uniformed and civilian) monitor the floor where he is.

The prosecutor of the case, Héctor Barros, had intended to formalize the charges against the comrade, but he is not able to do this because it requires the approval of the doctor in charge and this is decided on the basis of Luciano’s health status.

We issue a call to his close comrades to report on the comrade’s situation, because there are many people interested in knowing how he is and because it is essential to have communication between comrades.

For the continuation of solidarity with our comrade.
Strength to Tortuga!