Banner Drop in Solidarity with the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike-Philadelphia -usa

Posted on July 20, 2011


This morning, July 18, 2011, two banners were dropped in Philadelphia in solidarity with the courageous actions of the Pelican Bay hunger strikers and the 6600-plus prisoners throughout the state of California who have joined the strike.

The banners read “Philly Supports the Pelican Bay Prison Strike” and “From CA to PA: Stop Prison Abuse.”

We hope this action will join the large and growing voice calling on CA Governor Jerry Brown and the CDCR to meet ALL the demands of the hunger strikers.  We also hope that the inspiring actions of the hunger strikers in California will generate increased resistance to solitary confinement and torture in Pennsylvania’s prisons both inside and outside of prison walls.

Here in Pennsylvania like California, conditions in solitary confinement units have been abysmal. Prisoners placed in “the hole” experience brutal and dehumanizing conditions designed to break them psychologically and spiritually.

Prisoners in solitary confinement regularly experience:

• 23-hour lockdown behind a solid steel door
• isolation from human interaction
• frequent threat and occurrence of physical torture via prolonged placement in punitive restraint devices
• assault, often with chemical weapons
• mental torture via sensory deprivation and disorienting temperature and light fluctuations, along with rampant psychological neglect
• sexual intimidation and assault.

For more information about the Pelican Bay hunger strike, check out

No more prisons!

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