“War on the Pigs”: a statement from last night’s march against the police.(San Francisco -u.s.a)

Posted on July 18, 2011


“War on the Pigs”: a statement from last night’s march against the police.

Yesterday, hundreds of enraged people took to the streets of San Francisco in response to the murder of a 19 year old by SFPD in the Bayview neighborhood. He was killed for running from the police after not paying his MUNI fare. Immediately people in Bayview responded – confronting the police, screaming at the murderers and throwing bottles. At Midnight, another group called for a last minute march against the police. About 100 marchers took the street and attacked ATMs, banks and a cop car.

Whether we like it or not, this city is a fucking war-zone. For the second time in as many weeks, police officers have murdered someone in cold blood. Yesterday, they murdered a 19 year old in the Bayview district. For the crime of not paying his $2 bus fare, he was executed by SFPD; shot ten times in front of a crowd. On July 3rd, BART police responding to a report of a man too drunk to stand, arrived at Civic Center Station and shot Charles Hill within a minute of their arrival, killing him as well. His crime: being broke and homeless in a city that fucking despises us.And so, within a few hours of hearing word of SFPD’s latest atrocity, we called for a march against the police in the Mission District. About 100 of us gathered, donned masks, and marched down Valencia St. toward the Mission Police Station. We attacked the first pig car that approached. We attacked ATMs and a Wells Fargo as well. We upturned newspaper boxes and trash bins, throwing them into the streets at the encroaching riot cops. We screamed in the pigs faces and confronted them at their front door. By 1AM we had dispersed without arrest.This march comes on the heels of Monday’s attack on the BART system in response to the murder of Charles Hill. Again, over 100 of us clogged the BART system, blocking trains, vandalizing machines and bringing the rail system to a grinding halt. For over three hours BART suffered system-wide delays and the BART police were forced to close several stations throughout the city. After being forced out of the system, we took the streets in an impromptu march. Causing havoc and avoiding two attempts by the police to kettle us. The march ended in a heated stand-off with SFPD in front of hundreds of tourists at the Powell St. plaza.

In reporting this we hope to make it obvious: we will no longer allow the police (regardless of what badge they wear) to murder us in the streets. When they kill, we will respond with force. These two marches along with the burgeoning revolt in Bayview are only a beginning. We do not care about their attempts at justifying themselves. In each of these killings they claim that their lives were in danger. We say they lie, but honestly don’t care either way. As the State has removed any illusion that it exists to serve or protect people, we can see clearly that it exists only to push us into prisons and to shoot us in cold blood. Two single dollars are worth more to them than our lives. The very existence of the police clearly endangers all of us, and we won’t be safe until they are destroyed.


Stay tuned,

some anarchists in the Bay Area


On Saturday the SFPD shot a 19 year old man 10 times after he ran to avoid paying the MUNI fare. Now the pigs have claimed the deceased instigated the shoot out despite dozens of witnesses saying otherwise. Thousands of us refuse to pay MUNI every year but rarely do we assume the refusal will lead to our murder by ten police bullets.

Saturday saw two spontaneous demonstrations of rage and resistance in Bayview and the Mission. As this is being written San Francisco Police are attacking a speak out in Bayview.

If you have ever jumped the turn style, walked on the back of the bus, or tossed fifty cents into the coin slot meet us in the streets. The poor, the pissed must stick together. Once again San Francisco has imposed a death sentence on the poor. This time we will not allow the murderous swine to get away with it.

Tuesday. 5pm. Dolores Park. The Mission District. San Francisco. Snake March.

Just before 5pm tonight, San Francisco police chased down a man without a Muni ticket and shot him dead. Witnesses at the scene say he had his hands above his head as he was running away from police. Witnesses say the young man was shot 5 or 6 times.

Police say the man fired shots at them as he ran. In a video captured just after the shooting, with the man still lying in a pool of his own blood what appears to be a silver handgun can be seen in the lower right corner of the frame in the opening moments.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGPDPXOBgYE

Tonight a march was held at midnight through the Mission District streets to protest the killing. No arrests were made.

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