Responsibility claim for the arson of the car of the mayor of Papagou, Athens

Posted on July 8, 2011


Beginning, concerning the events of the 28th and 29th of June we consider that we should place certain questions. We do not go into logic of fake dilemmas that the state places, such as the voting or not of the medium-term memorandum. In any case, democracy sooner or later shows its dominating face in the real war that was not called now, not even recently. We walk next to the individuals or the groups that the realized in the specific time situation and acted more aggressive than usual. However, stagnation and repetition lead to a monotony, while the frequency and the progress of the aggressive practice contributes to the cause of even more serious wounds to the enemy. Finally, to those who are limited to giving the finger, we say simply that our time is important. 
In the direction of progress we placed the bet of personal threat. We know and prove that our opponent is not a vague concept on the fire-proof, but has a material substance, street and number, name and financial evidence evidence. Thus we paid a “visit” to the car of the mayor of Papagou area.
In the early hours of Monday 4/7, we approached the target and we placed on the tyre of the vehicle a simple incendiary device, consisting of 1,5lt of petrol and candles of a suitable size, in order to ensure the required time for our escape from the area, the choice of which was by no means accidental. It is a police-security-armyhorny-occupied area and, for this reason it is especialy pleasant to see the personal vehicle the local ruler burning. The same, of course, goes for every mayor, of every area. 
And now, to these mentioned above, a personal referrence. Mr V.Xidi, today its your car, tomorrow its your house, the day after tomorrow its you. As long as some choose to govern, some will choose to exterminate them. As long as there is a rulling class, there will be Revolutionaries. Fortify yourselves as much as you want! We vow as long as we live you will not sleep in peace again. 

P.S.: An arson signal to all the guerrilla groups… Lets go again. 

International Revolutionary Front 
Conspiracy Cells of Fire 
Revolutionary Groups for the spreading of Terror 
Cell of Abnormal – Heretics