We are all potential prisoners(greece)

Posted on July 7, 2011


2001: 8.343 prisoners in the Greek prisons 

2011: 11.674 prisoners 
6 new prisons in the last 5 years. 
At least 11.674 fellowmen and women are kept in the prisons of this country while more than 5.000 are obliged to survive in the holding cells, without a right to go to the yard, toilet or sufficient feeding.
These people are not statistical facts, they are our father, our comrade, our sister, our colleague, our neighbour, our friend, its somebody from our family or friendly environment.
These days it is very easy for you to be added to the population of prison. We are all potential prisoners. Today free, tomorrow behind barrs.
We resist the penalization of poverty, the strictness of sentences. We fight for the abolition of prisons. We demand the improvement of holding conditions, the depenalisation of offences, the restriction of imprisonment for exceptional cases, the abolition of juvenile prisons.

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