Political statement of G.Karagiannidis (greece)

Posted on July 5, 2011



Political statement of G.Karagiannidis (greece)

My presence here des not in any way signal the acceptance from my part of the attribution of a defendant Even though i consider that the up to now development of the process brought down the ridiculous evidence of my involvement in the case. We all saw the cars that change colour, the pots that change size at will and other ridiculous things. Besides, we should not forget that with evidence of proportional gravity a was warrant of arrest was issued for a non-existent person.

Despite all this I preferred  not to communicate with the court and, infront on the blackmailed terms, to abstain from the specific procedure.i chose to degrade with my turn as it degraded the accused and comrades in solidarity. Besides its conclutional role in at the orders of the service of court and the intentions of their political supervisors were revealed clearly a few days ago, when they immediately ensured the equipment that was required to project irrelevant with the case photographs of certain of the accused, while in our initial demand for the tape-recording  the trial had an amazing cost!!!

This fact of course is a drop in the ocean of the more general juridical arbitrariness, however indicative of the terms with which the trial is carried out.

Naturally it could not happen differently. And this because in substance this remains a political trial, despite the effort to delete its significance from the modern democratic regime. It is a trial where two worlds collide.

From one side the cluster of four authorities with as spear head the judiciary, allazonic and snobbish, shielded behind its legal code.

Condensation and justification of the sovereign code of values of society. And on the other side people with different paths, choices, references and characters, with a common however denominator.

People that affix significances such as friendship, comradeship, solidarity and do not hesitate to pay for them with a personal cost.

People who in the end that resent this world and do not bow the head infront of it. In these last ones I place also myself.

Inevitably therefore I deny to testify in front of you. The lines between us are clear and nothing can blur them up.

Its the difference between the subjugated and insurrected conscience. This is why I deny to recognize your procedure and to communicate with you.

You can only condemn me and not judge me. Thus you can only acquit me and not justify me.

The only crisis that I consider and interests me really is that f myself and those who feel that we share the same repulsion for this world, its organs and its roles.


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