France – Strasbourg] Action of solidarity with the insurgent people in Greece

Posted on July 3, 2011


There are Indignants, there are also Insurgents


We claim the action against the Greek Consulate in Strasbourg in avenue des Vosges, that we covered with jets of red paint

like the blood that flows from the State repression against the insurgent people in Greece, to whom we reaffirm our total,

_ immediate and unconditional solidarity.

About a hundred fliers-communiques were left there with the following test:

In Greece as elsewhere, repressive State terror goes hand in hand with the predatory attacks of Capital.

To unemployment, precariousness, misery, daily survival, the Greek people are responding with self-reduction, “don’t pay” movement, occupations of public buildings, clashes with police, wildcat strikes, popular assemblies, solidary self-organization.

The social revolt, popular and generalised, broke out this June 2011 with occupations of prefectures and municipalities, while the police of dominion proceeded with raids, arrests, assaults, lynchings, bloody repression in coordination with the fascist militias.

This revolt is also ours.

Resistance against this system of death and in ruins which wants to drag us into its downfall.

Here as everywhere,

may all power die,

vive l’insurrection!

Groupe Mary Read – July 1 2011.

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