Riot in Frankfurt/Main after Demonstration(germany)

Posted on June 30, 2011


On wednesday,June 22, in Frankfurt/Main, a demonstration with 2000 people was on the streets against a meeting of the sixteen german Home Secretarys. Every Bundesland in Germany has his own Home Secretary. They came together to coordinate the war against migrants, poor people and left Wing Extremism. This meeting is called IMK.
The demonstration was surroundet be some hundret riot cops. After some bottles found their way against a police station and the helmet of a cop, the police made a lot of videos and came very close.
At the end the demonstration was hunting a unit of riot cops and then went onto the campus of Goethe Universität, where a party took place.Frankfurt3
The police surroundet the area with some hundret cops and vehicles. In Germany they are allowed to enter university but they did not.
When it was dark enough and some police units left, a crowd of 150 people attacked a group of cops and their cars in front of the university with a lot of stones and bengalos.
The police was completly surprised and got a lot of hits.
Now the fight broke out at every entrance of the campus and more riot police arrived.
Police responded with teargas, fired from special guns, but they did not enter. They arrested four people on the street.
After one hour, most people went home. Some cops were injured and their cars damaged. Next day a police spokesman said that their was no riot, only a peacefull demonstration. This was the same police spokesman who said two weeks ago, that a women from Nigeria which was shot in a Jobcenter in Frankfurt by police, was killed because she attacked an officer with a knife. This is the way authorities fake their own truth.