Updates from the second night of the General Strike in Athens

Posted on June 29, 2011


Events in Greece “on a scale not seen since December 2008!


Our quote above but occupations and actions are happening all over Greece.
Rioting has spread all over central Athens, not contained around Syntagma any longer.
99 protesters hospitalised, 500! treated at Red Cross tents in Syntagma Square.
Legal school (Nomiki) open and providing assistance
Talk that Syntagma square is closed to entrance, rioting is around, and that meeting is happening in Monastiraki
Meanwhile the prime minister is out eating a a taverna…

22:30 (2+GMT) Despite the profound level of state violence in Athens today, thousands remain in the streets and on Syntagma square, resisting. An assembly is ongoing at Monastiraki square while a barricade has just been erected in Filellinon. There are several police blockades in various points across the city. Since early morning today, there is an ongoing chemical war-fare against the people. DIAS & DELTA motorcycle police attacked and beat up hundreds of demonstrators around Ermou Str, raided university premises and even restaurants beating up tourists and protesters. For the first time ever, the luxurious King George hotel on Syntagma Square has been evacuated.

Second day of nationwide general strike


21.00 GMT+2 People are gathering at Monastiraki Square, responding at the gathering call that had been announced earlier in order to coordinate self-organized actions. Latest reports suggest an assembly of about 600–700 people. Almost at the same time, 5o motorcycles of DELTA and DIAS police forces surrounded the Akropolis metro stop and chased people even inside the shops and cafes of the area. Then they passed by the Aeropagitou pedestrian street without hesitating to throw chemicals-while on their motorbikes-against people that were walking.

20.30 GMT+2 A lot of different fronts of clashes all around the city; barricades in front of King George Ηotel and most of the streets around Syntagma square. Citizens responding to the repeated pleas for help, have started to join the people on the streets; at the same time, cops blocked even an ambulance which was reaching injured protesters. Police brutality is undiminished. A while ago, at the lower side of the square, the pigs in uniforms detained a youngster and many of them have beaten him fiercely. Just after that, they had the audacity to do the V sign in front of the protesters that tried to prevent the detention.

20.15 GMT+2 MAT forces attack the perimeter of the square.

19.55 GMT+2 Urgent plea for medical help and doctors at Syntagma. There is a need for masks, antacid medicines, blankets and oxygen.

19.45 GMT+2 About 1,000 people are gathered again in Kolonaki, after they have been expelled from the central streets.

19.40 GMT+2 Syntagma: Cops are throwing once again stones against the protesters’ heads.

19.35 GMT+2 Akadimias Street, at the height of the Law School: A DELTA team has surrounded a group of demonstrators. The people finally managed to escape into the premises of the university.

19.30 GMT+2 Tension at the Columns of the Olympian Zeus [Olympieion]. Police forces are trying to push away the gathered crowd.

19.20 GMT+2 Cops over the upper stairs at Syntagma raid the square with murderous fury, throwing stun grenades and stones at protesters; lots of tear gas now. At least two seriously injured persons were carried out by doctors. People respond with stone throwing. Meanwhile, there are no longer any protesters at Propylaea (where an evening gathering had previously been called). Only four police squads are lined up there. Police have blocked the wider area of Syntagma. A few fighters remain on the square. Most people have dispersed to the surrounding streets and districts.

19.00 GMT+2 Tension outside the National Garden.

18.50 GMT+2 People gathered at Propylaea, Plaka and Monastiraki are attacked and chased. At Monastiraki the ‘democratic forces’ didn’t hesitate to throw tear gas even at the electric railway (ISAP) station. Cops fired tear gas and invaded the university building of the Department of Media and Communications (in Kalamiotou Street, Kapnikareas Square) where many protesters fled. The cops were repelled from the School.

18.45 GMT+2 A crowd is recovering inside Syntagma metro station which continues to operate normally. The metro workers have not stopped for a minute to help demonstrators in every possible way. The demonstrators have taken over the square once again while cops have encircled its perimeter.

18.30 GMT+2 There is an urgent need for severely injured demonstrators to be transferred to hospitals. The square is once again full of people.

18.20 GMT+2 Barricades and clashes in Panepistimiou Street. There are 250–300 protesters at the same spot —maybe more. Meanwhile, smoke comes out from the Ministry of Finance arcade, at Syntagma.

18.25 GMT+2 About 20 DELTA motorcycle cops rushed through the crowd situated in Ermou Street near Kapnikarea. A clash between groups of protesters and joined DELTA, MAT forces followed. One of the DELTA cops crashed with the protesters and got badly beaten right afterwards.

18.18 GMT +2 The use of tear gas inside Syntagma metro continues; the cops invade now. The people disperse in all directions at the risk of being trampled.

18.15 GMT +2: The cops moved from the surrounding streets and have invaded Syntagma square. The people are encircled. The cops hit brutally, throwing chemicals and stepping over the demonstrators’ tents.

18.05 GMT +2: The forces of repression are shooting rubber bullets at Stadiou and Voukourestiou streets.

18.00 GMT +2: People have gathered in Propylaea, responding to the gathering call at 6 pm.

17.53 GMT +2: Attempted arson at the Agrotikil Bank on Panepistimiou Street. People are smashing the surrounding banks. The protesters who tried to burn the bank stopped when they realized that there were people inside.

17.20 GMT+2 Street battles now in Filellinon Street. Continuous reports of severely wounded protesters. A municipality pillar was burned. Everybody demands the withdrawal of cops; great fatigue and anger of the people. Apart from the merciless chemical warfare, the cops are throwing stones back against demonstrators since hours.

17.10 GMT+2 Cops appear to open a passageway in Amalias, in order for the MPs to flee from the parliament. There is a confrontational mood among the people that have regrouped at Propylaea (Panepistimio metro stop is open).THERE IS A CALL-OUT FOR AN EVENING’S GATHERING AT PROPYLAEA, AT 6 pm.

17.00 GMT+2 A tremendous coordinated cop attack in Amalias Street, right in front of the parliament; apparent police operation for Syntagma’s evacuation. Countless tear gas attacks and stun grenades. The cops have permitted Ermou Street as the only outlet. Syntagma metro station operates, but its spaces are overcrowded. People fight back with unprecedented courage. There is an estimated 500 injured protesters. Volunteers of the Medical Centre of Syntagma Square are making commendable efforts to aid wounded protesters. There is also a nursing unit near Athens Megaron (Megaro Moussikis metro stop).

16.47 GMT+2 After a half-hour ceasefire, and numerous detentions in various parts of the city centre, a simultaneous police attack was launched at the four corners of Syntagma. The cops raid the square throwing chemicals. One arrest on the square, among many other detentions; clashes on the square.

16.42 GMT+2 Easy access to Syntagma via the open metro stations: Panepistimio and Syntagma stops.

16.24 GMT+2 It has just been confirmed that the cops have also been using rubber bullets against demonstrators at Syntagma. Furthermore, the use of a new type of grenade by motorcycle cops has been reported.

16.10 GMT+2 The agreement (mid-term memorandum) was voted in the parliament from a total of 155 MPs. Ongoing street battles in Propylaea and Stadiou Street. A while ago DELTA and DIAS motorcyclist cops raided the district. There’s still a way for people to reach Syntagma: Panepistimio and Syntagma metro stations operate.

15.55 GMT+2 A savage beating of a detainee at the junction of Ermou Street. Continuous attacks by cops against medics and nurses. Too harsh clashes, melees and dense stone throwing. Chemical warfare.

15.30 GMT+2 The large-scale police operation continues. Tear gas shot directly at demonstrators in the square. People panic and risk the danger of being trampled. The body of strikers is split in three parts: towards Mitropoleos, Filellinon and Stadiou streets. The situation is hazardous in Filellinon Street.

15.07 GMT+2 A large-scale police operation in front of the Hotel Grande Bretagne; marble by the hotel has been broken up for use. People remain persistently at Syntagma Square.

14.58 Kozani, northern Greece: During the past half hour the premises of the Labour Centre have been occupied by anarchists in solidarity with all those who struggle right now on the Greek streets. This will be a 24hour occupation in order to serve as a local centre of counter-information. There is a call out for an open assembly at 5 pm.

14.30 GMT+2 In Filellinon Street there are quite large blocks of ML-‘K’KE, EEK, Synaspismos Youth, Poultry Farmers’ Cooperative of Epirus, Association of Radio Technicians and a large group from the popular assembly of Egaleo.

14.16 GMT+2 Police attack the demonstrators with an unprecedented amount of teargas. Everyone is refusing to leave the square. Main slogan is ‘Bread, Education, and Freedom–Τhe Junta did not end in 1973.’

14.11 GMT+2 Cops re-erect the railings in front of the parliament, while police squads attack people on the square with an unprecedented amount of tear gas. Protesters resist, and do not leave the place.

14.00 GMT+2 Chania, Crete Island: Occupation of the town hall after a large morning gathering in solidarity with the students and teachers who are persecuted because of their involvement in a protest against last year’s nationalist parade of October 28th. In their way to the town hall, the demonstrators paid a visit to PASOK ruling party’s offices and vandalized them. An assembly was held in the building. It was agreed to continue the occupation until 8 pm.

13.55 GMT+2 At this moment, clashes at Syntagma Square in front of the parliament.

13.38 GMT+2 Railings in front of the parliament no longer exist. People tore them down. Unbelievable melees; police squads have moved in front of the fallen barriers.

13.36 GMT+2 Cops defiantly fire tear gas against the crowd. The demonstrators are well organized and determined to struggle. With bare hands they pick the tear gas canisters and throw them back to the cops. Nobody leaves the place.

 GMT+2 A block of about 500 protesters that were gathered at Kallimarmaro decided to move to Syntagma. At the same time, thousands of people are gathered at Syntagma, while the cops start throwing tear gas in Amalias Street.

13.24 GMT+2 One of the unprovoked attacks by riot police; video from the Hilton blockade.

13.00 GMT+2 ‘Vouli,’ the Parliament’s TV channel broadcasts an almost empty parliament hall.

12.45 GMT+2 Two protesters were detained in front of the Ministry of Finance. The people managed to liberate them. The two protesters that were detained earlier at Evangelismos blockade were released as well.

12.12 GMT+2 Almost 100 protesters occupy the alley behind Zappeion. There is a strong presence of repressive forces such as the motorcyclists of the DELTA police unit.

12.00 GMT+2 Police managed to hold two passages at Zappeion and the War Museum from where MPs passed in order to enter parliament. There is a need for reinforcements of demonstrators. At the same time, people swarm Syntagma in numerous blocks (the ‘communist’ PAME too) and reach the square.

11.59 GMT+2 The Evangelismos blockade is broken. Two Mercedes cars of MPs passed Vassilissis Sofias Avenue heading to parliament.

11.55 GMT+2 Protesters have barricaded the alley behind the Zappeion Hall. There is a need for its reinforcement to prevent the passage of more MPs.

11.50 GMT+2 Thessaloniki: A while ago, a group of anti-authoritarians occupied the Central Finance Office of Church (EKYO). They hung a banner on the building which read ‘Social expropriation of church property.’

11.40 GMT+2 An estimated 10,000 now at Syntagma. Demonstrators arrive from other Greek cities (Thessaloniki, Patras, Chalkida, Larissa, Volos, Trikala) and from the Evangelismos blockade.

11.25 GMT+2 Eight injured protesters have been transferred to the hospital so far, several beaten by cops and others with respiratory problems due to tear gas.

11.20 GMT+2 Minor stone throwing at Kallimarmaro.

11.15 GMT+2 Approximately just 10 MPs are now inside the parliament. There is an ongoing, large-scale police operation to ensure the entry of MPs in the parliament (the start of the agreement’s enactment is scheduled for 2 pm).

11.07 GMT+2 The Kallimarmaro blockade consists mainly of neighbourhood assemblies. There is an immediate need for reinforcements. The protesters have erected barricades with trash bins which have been set alight. A while ago, stone throwing against the riot police began in Kallimarmaro.

11.06 GMT+2 Downtown Athens: At least 200 demonstrators passed through the wealthy district of Kolonaki chanting the slogan: ‘Bread, Education, Freedom –The Junta did not end in ’73.’

11.05 GMT+2 Two detentions at Evangelismos. People were forced to move towards Kolonaki.

11.00 GMT+2 Thessaloniki: About 500 workers of the Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Company’s rank’n’file unions march to the city’s port.

10.56 GMT+2 There are around 200 demonstrators at the Evangelismos blockade. The police forces have been reinforced.

10.53 GMT+2 Athens, Kallimarmaro: Police squads have attacked the protesters in Eratosthenous Street and detained one protester.

07.30-10.00 GMT+2 Komotini, northern Greece: The premises of the Prefecture of Eastern Macedonia–Thrace have been occupied by about 30 people from the popular assembly of Komotini Square (indignant citizens). After that, the squatters moved to the square where they met with other people in order to continue the counter-information actions, as it was decided yesterday at the assembly. People from Xanthi also participated in the occupation.

09.00 GMT+2 A few minutes ago, police squads launched a fierce attack against nearly 500 protesters who were at the Evangelismos blockade. People tried to use smoke bombs to prevent units of DIAS motorcycle police forces from blocking the road. Extensive use of tear gas. Reports of at least three injured protesters. Evangelismos metro station is closed. The strikers regrouped at the Hilton hotel, where the cops attacked them again. At the same time, at the Panathenaic Stadium [Kallimarmaro] blockade, protesters from neighbourhood assemblies that had blockaded Vassileos Constantinou Avenue were attacked and pushed back by two police squads and their block was split. Half of them are now (ca 9.30) at Eratosthenous Street and Vassileos Constantinou Avenue intersection; the other half are in Ardittou Street; reports of at least one injured protester.

01.00 GMT+2 Ongoing police brutality. Cops beat people with fury. A demonstrator announced that a nurse was attacked fiercely and was seriously injured. The Medical Centre of Syntagma Square makes a plea for pharmaceutical supplies, volunteer doctors, medics and nurses. There is an urgent need for people who can provide first aid.

00.45 GMT+2 At the upper side of the square the ‘indignados’ shout against police squads. At the square a lot of people are dancing. At the lower side the clashes continue.

00.44 GMT+2 Athens: Metro stations ‘vibrate’ with the people’s slogan ‘THE JUNTA DID NOT END IN 1973’. Employees of the metro defied police orders and instead of blocking the stations’ entrances they helped people get away from police forces.

00.40 GMT+2 More detentions reported, along with continuous use of tear gas on the upper side of the square, in front of the Unknown Soldier Monument.

00.30 GMT+2 Athens: Motorcycle cops and police squads launch a large operation in Stadiou Street. There are detentions and savage beatings. According to reports, one protester suffered beatings with a baton and was kicked by cops for five minutes.

00.04 GMT+2 Kalamata, Peloponnese: At the moment, at least 100 people march to the town’s police station, demonstrating against the repression at Syntagma Square.

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