UPDATE ON C.C.F. TRIAL Today five of the nine accused for particiation in the organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” testified. 21/6

Posted on June 24, 2011


First was Panagiotis Masouras, who immediately from the start declared that he is not apologizing but making a political statement. He spoke of the “court martial” and of a “political” trial, while he stressed that he is in the court as a “political enemy of the hostage regime” and not as a common criminal. 

The defendant denied to take place in the “false dilemma”, as he characteristically said, between innocent or guilty and stressed that he remains in the trial as a “political subject, uncomromizing”. He completed his speech with the phrase “Long live the revolution, long live the radical subversive struggle”. 

It is reminded that Panagiotis Masouras initially had withdrawn from the process in protest to the non taperecording of the proceedings and to the retaining of the identities of the audience. Later, after his release because of the completion of 18months detention, he appeared in the trial without a lawyer and with no essential participation in the hearing. 
After that spoke Manos Giospas. He mentioned that he has absolutely no relation with the charge, that he has denied it from the beginning to the end and that he is persecuted based on friendly and family relations. Note that Manos Giospas is a cousin of his codefendant, Haris Hadjimihelakis, and lives on the first floor, above the apartment in Halandri that later was named as a “safe house”. 

He spoke of the conditions under which his arrest was carried out, outside his house, of cops from the antiterrorist force that shouted “put a hood on him” and tried to… tape up the mouth of his girlfriend, which they also arrested. He soke of a “hollywood arrest” and awful conditions of detainment in the holding cells, that aimed at his ridicule and no the verification of the truth. “If I had participated in the organization, I would have said so”, he mention characteristically, denying any involvement. 

Errikos Rallis also denied any participation in the case. He stressed that he does not have any relation with the charges that are attributed to him and that for two years he is trying to understand why he is in this position. He spoke of the unacceptable practices of the persecutory mechanisms, who in collaboration with the Media leaked evidence of the trial brief and his photographs to the internet in order to justify his arrest and shape a proportional climate, “making up scenarios and mixing imaginary with real incidents”, as he characteristically said. He stressed that he wishes his prosecution stops and his honor and dignity are restored, which have been over slandered. 
Nikos Vogiatzakis also denied the charges, stressed that he is not a member of the organization but is persecuted because he believes in the anti-systemic struggle, because he is an anarchist and shows solidarity to the comrades. He spoke also of penalization of the friendly and family relations and of the unacceptable practices of the antiterrorist force, which held illegal followings and arrested him violently, with masks and machine guns, without allowing him to speak to a lawyer. He made a retrospection to the time of his arrest and spoke of targeting of political spaces from the former minister of the Protection of the Citizen, immediately after the election of the new government in 2009. 

Alexandros Mitrousias also denied the charges. He declared that he is not a member of the organization – which he characterized “organization of revolutionary violence” – and clarified that if he were a member he would take the responsibility. He commented that he had friendly relations with Haris Hatdjimihelakis and that he finds it natural that his prints were found in the house of Halandri. He also stressed that there are no evidence against him and that this is a penalization of friendly relations. 

Remains the testimony of Konstandina Karakatsani,which will be next week. Haris HadjimihelakisPanagiotis Argirou and Giorgos Karagiannidis, who withdrew from the process protesting for the non taerecording of the proceeding and the retaining of the identities of the audience, are not expected to testify.
by actforfreedomnow!/boubourAs