Letter from A.Mitrousias, accused as a member of C.C.F.(greece)

Posted on June 20, 2011


I send this short letter in order to clarify certain things in relation with the incident that took place on the 7/6 in the court where I am tried as well as for the distortion that was carried out by the media.

The real incident is that I had about 15 joints of weed for myself. The media degraded this fact to a different dimension, that allegedly members of C.C.F. are trafficking “drugs” in the court and other different imaginative stories, since the only members of this organization that were tried in the present court P.Argirou and H.Hadjimihelakis have withdrawn since the end of January, wanting obviously to exploit this incident make in order to hurt politically this specific armed organization.
Also they wrote that supposedly the weed was given to me by my co-defendant E.R., something that is of course false. From there on someone can say, that with this move of mine i morally and politically scorned such a court. I guess thats how it is. Fortunately or unfortunately I do not have any relation neither with moral or with politics.
Obviously, each one has the individual responsibility of his actions, and my action characterize and burden only me. What can i say, I am a black sheep since I realized what i am capable of. Thats all.

Koridallos prisons

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