ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE R.O. CONSPIRACY CELLS OF FIRE – for On the 10th of June was tried in the Evelpidon courts the case of occupation of the radio station sport fm that took place in 2007 in solidarity to anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis, imprisoned for a bank robbery.

Posted on June 19, 2011


On the 10th of June was tried in the Evelpidon courts the case of occupation of the radio station sport fm that took place in 2007 in solidarity to anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis, imprisoned for a bank robbery. The incidents that happened that day and which concern the defendants, among which are also members of our organization, but also those gathered in solidarity and relatives, force us to speak publicly. The blows that the members of the R.O. C.C.F. Panagiotis Argirou, Damiano Bolano, Mihalis Nikolopoulos received but also some of  their co-defendants from the EKAM (special forces) and the masked special guards of the transfer escort as well as the attack of the riotcops on those gathered proves what cowardly pigs they are.

Such behavior they had also in Evelpidon on Friday where they dragged us into to the prison-van while kicking us and slammed our heads against the walls while we were tied up behind our backs without margins of essential reaction. At the same time they hit those gathered while they were aiming at them with their guns touching them many times over with the barrel of their guns. We do not transport this in order to promote a passive opinion and thought. Simply we stress facts that for one more time prove the obvious about the army of democracy. That it should not remains fire-proof and that they remain the fundamental targets of Revolutionary Action. As in all matters thus and in this circumstance the suitable intervention in our opinion is the application of theory into practice. From ambushes to protests to the arson of personal vehicles, from the surprise attacks to the destruction of police stations and from bombs in their buildings to political executions.

Finally to those who were there in solidarity we want to give a warm handshake that in these difficult moments they were next to us with great comradeship and strength.

Changing the climate and because of the similarity of the facts but also the common juridical resultant we want to proceed in a different statement that concerns the fact that took place on Tuesday 7/6 in the special court martial of Koridallos where is tried the case of the R.O. C.C.F. Once more, and we hope its the last, we clarify that members of our organization are those who have taken the responsibility for their participation in it and NO ONE other. Therefore various snitches of the Media should never again dare to involve us with irrelevant to us individuals and circumstances as in this case, where it circulated in the news that a member of C.C.F. was arrested for distribution of narcotics. We do not wish to play the role of the judge or public prosecutor. It does not concern us neither we will judge anyone if he is “innocent” or “guilty” in the eyes of the state and justice. What surely concerns us is what also himself the involved A. Mitrousias stresses in his letter of self-criticism that such situations downgrade the political quality of a trial of a Revolutionary Organization and gives food to anyone to throw their mud at us. Such incidents are incompatible with the conditions that suit the political courts and promote a lightness of political attitude.

We point out therefore that no member of our organization was ever arrested under these conditions. Moreover in the particular court the only members of the organization are comrades H. Hatdjimihelakis and P.Argirou, who have chosen not to appear in it.

Finally we want to stress to every correctional employee that will want potentially to exploit the fact in order to submit us to the humiliation of bodily search that we will give away any ground towards the vested of decent prisoners and that we will deny every time to consent and to accept this sordid “measure”.

The imprisoned members of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire

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