A gas bomb exploded by traffic police post in the south of Moscow (rossia)

Posted on June 14, 2011





Early morning on July, 7th 2010 explosive was activated nearby traffic police post in the south of Moscow. It was done by anarchists…

Why traffic police? – may someone ask. Some think, traffic police doesn’t beat and torture detained people, doesn’t invade our homes and doesn’t charge the innocent… But is it true? In Russia traffic policemen has recently beaten up a driver, who has been carrying his pregnant wife to hospital, one of them also have been SHOT DOWN a teenager, etc… So, traffic police is the one of the most odious groups of cops in Russia. And one of the most corrupted. We made for them a little vengeance through a gas balloon of 27 liters placed in a basin filled with coal and petrol, and then we set fire on it… A result you can see on a video.

None was injured (but one cop had a good chance to be while trying to fight fire). We have chosen carefully a place where none of ordinary people or a near traveling cars could take damage.

The explosion was thunder in 4:30 a. m. and then we could see a panic amongst a cops.

Let make them pay! Let create a fair world! Our oppressed sisters and brothers – join the struggle for freedom!

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