Briefing regarding the trial of comrade Thodoros Dellis (greece)

Posted on June 12, 2011



Today took place in Rhodes the trial of comrade Th.Dellis, who had been arrested on 16/8/2010 after a robbery of the ATE bank in Rhodes. The comrade on the six-month council which was deciding his detention, had taken complete responsibility for the robbery with a letter to the court. During the trial, witnesses and employees of the bank testified that they did not feel any threat and that everything happened so fast (thirty seconds) that they didnt even realize how it happened. The bank keep a neutral attitude as it was characteristically mentioned “We got the money back”
The comrade in his short plea apologized to the employees of the bank for any upset that he caused and invoked serious economic reasons for carrying out of the robbery.
The public prosecutor asked for his complete guilt without the recognition of any mitigations asked by the defence, holding an aggressive attitude towards him and spoke of a perfect and organized plan. After a short break, the judges announced the decision which was a total sentence of 6 years which is suspended sentence and can be appealed, accepting the mitigations. This decision means that the comrade will be with us in a few days, since theres just the paperwork to be made until he is released from Alikarnassos prisons.

At the trial there was the presence of comrades from Athens and Rhodes, who when it was all over had the chance to enjoy the pissed off faces of undercovers and other cops at the announcment of the sentence.
We hope that soon other comrades get out of the galleys of democracy.
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