Offices of Justice Secretary Ken Clarke attacked in Nottingham (UK)

Posted on June 6, 2011


News from our brothers-comrades:

2 June 2011

“Direct action was taken against Ken Clarke’s constituency offices on Thursday. While doughnut eating cops were dozing near by, the Tory social club on Rectory Road, West Bridgford had its doors D-locked shut and “Tory Scum” painted on it. The offices of the Rushcliffe Conservative Association across the road were attacked with paint and the messages “Class War” and “Fuck Ken in the Head” were painted.

Why the Tories?

Because they are the political wing of the ruling class of this country.
Because they are ruthlessly exploiting the recession to dismantle public services in order to make more profits for their friends, the captains of industry. This was a small act of defiance against the class that attacks us every day. Our message to them is simple: We are everywhere. We can attack at any time.

Why Ken Clarke?
Because he is a captain of industry himself, a rich parasite who is only too happy to help the Tories in order to help himself.

Because he can make light of rape, upholding patriarchal values, whilst wielding a huge amount of power over how its victims are dealt with.

Because he is the prison governor of UK PLC, the man in charge of injustice and unfreedom. His work over the past year has involved denying legal aid to people who can’t afford to pay for a solicitor and putting more prisons into private hands, such as the recent move to privatise Birmingham Prison, to make profit out of misery. This action coincided with the national day of action to defend legal aid.

This action is dedicated to all those experiencing the extreme state repression of the UK prison system for resisting the state and capitalism. In particular we express solidarity with Edward Woolward, jailed for his part in smashing the Tory HQ in Millbank and David and Little Joe Foster, jailed for resisting the corporate state in Stokes Croft.

We also dedicate it to all of the women who have been disbelieved by the patriarchal justice system and have been convicted of making “false” rape claims. This includes Gail Sherwood, accused of lying that she was raped and “Sarah” who was convicted for retracting an accusation of rape (even though she was forced to do this by the rapist’s family).”

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