Antifascist direct action against the Railway Bell(u.k.)

Posted on May 23, 2011


Antifa | 17.05.2011

Report of paintbomb attack on the Railway Bell, Brighton. Fascist hangout…
If you like your beer with a hint of rascism you can probably do no better than the Railway Bell…

On March 24th the March for England, a flag waving front for fascist scum, the ENA and EDL, held a march in Brighton

March for England was attended by several divisions of the English Defence League

Their meeting point was the Railway Bell, opposite Brighton Station. The pub opened early to accomodate the fash and served as a reassembly point for marchers after their parade through town.

The Railway Bell has been a popular venue for fascists during previous Brighton marches.

The MfE, ENA and EDL are not welcome and will be resisted

In the early hours of this morning antifascists hurled paintbombs at the Railway Bell before dissapearing into the night.


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