Madrid, Spain: Incendiary attack against vehicle of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation

Posted on May 18, 2011


from madrid indymedia, translated by war on society:

This morning, in the vicinity of Principe Pio, we torched with five liters of gasoline a vehicle of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation of Madrid, responsible for the devastation of the land and especially of the Sierra Madrileña. Ecocides such as the M-501 and the new roads into the mountains, the power station, four-lane highways, windmills, solar installations, reservoirs, ubanizations, antennas that inundate and destroy our lives………… will not go unpunished.

Neither sustainable nor ‘ostias‘ [??], here and everywhere we stop progress!!!!

“Progress is the road that takes you to see what the road has destroyed”

Against the artificialization of our lives, against all managers!!!!

To the prisoners on hunger strike incarcerated by the Swiss State: Billy, Costa, Silvia and Marco. To the Mexican eco-anarchists. To Patricia. To Mauri.

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