Attack against Exarcheia cops station sees one street vendor injured; scores of Delta motorcycle police roaring through the neighbourhood at the moment – breaking news

Posted on May 17, 2011


Approximately one hour ago, at 13.00 GMT+2, a group of 40-50 people attacked the police station on Kallidromiou street in Exarcheia. The group threw molotov cocktails to the building, an undercover cop car parked outside and a police motorbike. Moments later, the motorbike exploded, injuring a female street vendor who was selling groceries at the Kallidromiou street popular market (laiki), a few meters down the road (see photos).

At the time of writing, scores of Delta motorcycle police are roaring through Exarcheia and there are already reports of arrests.

While shouting “we will burn alive” towards the cos, the group disappeared, based on a well organized plan.
Seconds later, and while the street sellers tried to out out the fire and save their merchandise, the cops motorbike exploded. A woman, who had a stall with flowers and four more people were injured.

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