Chile: Bomb placed at Banco de Chile branch in leadup to anniversary of the death of comrade Mauricio Morales

Posted on May 16, 2011


from the $hilean press, 5/11/11… translated by war on society:

The presence of an incendiary bomb the morning of Wednesday the 11th mobilized the police and forced the evacuation of a branch of Banco de Chile located on the corner of Candelaria Goyenechea and General John O’Brien, in the affluent district of Vitacura.

The alert was made just after 9 am when a client who came to the branch realized that there was a suspicious device on an ATM.

Staff of GOPE, LABOCA, OS-9 and Dipolcar went to the location, blocked it off, and conducted a two-hour operation to determine the nature of the device.

The device was left by unknown persons after midnight, it was composed of benzene, a vial, two butane gas cylinders of 190 grams each and an activation system with a battery that did not work, which prevented the place being destroyed.

The prosecutor Christián Toledo said composition is similar to another device that detonated and was not stopped in 2010 at a branch of BancoEstado de Independencia.

At the site were found pamphlets alluding to the death of anarchist Mauricio Morales in 2009, and to the “bombs case.” According to the press the leaflets were signed “Michelle Anjiolillo Iconoclast Circle” while other media say they were signed by “Antagonistic Cell New Urban Guerrilla.”

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