Brussels, Belgium – Hidden camera discovered in the home of two anarchists

Posted on May 14, 2011


suie e cendres

08/05/2011 – – We just found a video surveillance device hidden in our apartment. We will limit ourselves here, tentatively, to provide some technical details, joining the photos.
The dispostion was hidden behind a small air vent, positioned to ventilate the sheetrock wall in our kitchen. The camera, “S / W” (?) was just behind the grill, attached to a rather large battery consisting of 3 tubes of 4 batteries of 14.4 V. The battery was behind the sink, all connected with cables. Between the battery and the rest of the device, was what we believe to be a switch that could be manipulated remotely. The camera was connected to a small black box, serving as “encoder”. This encoder, type “Micro View Lock” (Ovations Systems) was in turn connected to what we believe to be the antenna to transmit images on 1.4 Ghz. There was no SIM card.
The camera was pointing toward the kitchen table. We’re not sure if it also contains a microphone. The camera was secured with magnetic elements.
On almost all elements, stickers “CS”were affixed. A quick search has given us a clue: “CS” is indeed the code store Logistics Department of the Federal Police.

Without fear or paranoia,
Two anarchists Brussels

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