UPDATES– Vicious police attack against today’s General Strike demonstration in Athens leaves at least twelve injured, one in very critical condition-

Posted on May 11, 2011



Update on the health of the 30-year old demonstrator; spontaneous marches in Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraclion against police

brutality; assemblies in Athens start now

Wednesday, May 11, 2011http://www.scribd.com/doc/55195805/Serious-Injury-in-greek-General-StrikeLocal Committee of EINAP
[Association of Hospital Doctors Of Athens and Piraeus]
General Hospital of NikaiaToday we witnessed the endless and unimaginable brutality by the Greek govermentof Memorandum [austerity measures] , in order to suppress any citizens’ action, whoare opposed against the measures which are planning by the foreign and local capital.Dozens of injured protesters were hit by the riot police and transfered with ambulanceor came alone in our hospital. Most of them had head injuries. Among them, there is a30 – years old protestor with heavy, antemortem condition, anisocoria and hugeepidural hematoma. At this time the protestor is in surgery by our collegues who aretrying to save his life.We condemn the police brutality and arbitrariness.We condemn all the members of the Greek Government and the Prime Minister for theassassination attempt against the specific citizen who is in serious condition and hislife is in danger, also against all other protestors.The violence and repression against the people who resist have no future.The government with the brazen tactics of popular’s rights rape, which are necessaryfor the people’s survival and also with the brutal violence which directly threatenpeople’s lives, will increase our stubbornness and our decision to fight until the end inorder people have bread, education and freedom. We are not going to stop until theguilty of murder attempt will be punished. We are not going to stop until our people win!


Latest info on the 30-year old demonstrator who went in a coma after being beaten by police in Athens today (by katalipsiesiea)

According to his hospital doctors, the demonstrator has two serious head injuries and has lost a lot of blood. He remains intubated in the Emergency Healthcare Unit and  the next few days are crucial regarding his survival.

Meanwhile, impromptu demonstrations broke out in the cities of Thessaloniki and Heraclion, Crete in response to the brutal repression of today’s demonstration in Athens. In Athens itself, there is unverified information that 200 demonstrators of the Communist Party (KKE) are heading to the Police Ministry to demonstrate against today’s events.

There is an emergency anarchist assembly starting in the Athens Polytechnic in a few minutes and another assembly at the offices of the Bookworkers’ base union on Messologiou Street in Exarcheia, both to discuss today’s police attacks and possible action.

More updates in a few hours, please add verified breaking news in the comments section.

#472 | Update on the attack on Villa Amalias – fascists now at the corner of Tritis Septemvriou and Ipirou Street

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

40-50 people, some fascists, are currently (20.46 GMT+2) at the corner of Tritis Septemvriou Street and Ipirou. Anyone heading to Villa, be very careful.

According to the first, raw information coming in, the scuffles began when anarchists at Villa Amalias realised there was a small group of neo-nazis on Victoria Square attacking migrants, and headed there to attack them in return. Scuffles quickly broke out and the police that appeared tried to push the anarchists back toward Villa Amalias.

Many riot police units mixed up with fascists at the side of Victoria Square at the moment.

(Rough edit/ translation of comments, thanks Logan and ET)

#471 | Police attack Villa Amalias anarchist squat in Athens now – breaking news

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Villa Amalias, the anarchist squat on Aharnon Street in Athens is under attack by police and people aiding them, not clear if these were organised fascists.

The attack was ongoing as of 20:05 GMT+2, local time in Greece. All info from phone calls, more as it comes.


Rumours that demonstrator injured by police is in “deep coma”; emergency anarchist assembly tonight, 9pm at the Polytechnic

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

(from a comment here on OL – thank you G.)

As news blackout continues [indy is down, 24-hour strike], a quick translation from indispensible katalipsiesiea blog [with help from IATE database of technical terms]. I am NOT a doctor to make sense of all this:

Edit 19:10

According to available information, the injured demonstrator has exited surgery in deep coma, and he was transfered to the intensive care unit. Doctors consider the next few days as critical.

A statement from doctors’ union branch at General Nikaia hospital [EINAP], on service today:

Today, we witnessed the the barbarism of the IMF government, which seeks to repress every healthy act of resistance to their plans, laid out by Greek and international capital, and faithfully implemented by their local servants. Dozens of injured demonstrators were transfered to our hospital by ambulances, or by themeselves. Most of them were suffering from fractured skulls. Among them, a 30-year old demonstrator, which arrived in a serious antemortem [“prothanatio”] state, anisocoria and extradural hematoma. At this moment, he is in surgery, operated by colleagues fighting to save his life. We denounce this form of police brutality, and consider the members of Greek government as responsible for this attempt at murder, as well as all attacks upon demonstrators.Violence and repression against the people will not serve them much longer.

#470 | Vicious police attack against today’s General Strike demonstration in Athens leaves at least twelve injured, one in very critical condition

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Toward the end of what had been an otherwise largely uneventful demonstration for the General Strike in Athens, the police launched an unprovoked, vicious attack: tens of demonstrators passing in front of the store “Attica” on Panepistimiou Avenue were encircled by riot police who kicked them, crushed them against the pavement and threw tear gas and stun grenades indiscriminatingly,  directly into the crowd. There are at least twelve people injured. One 30-year old demonstrator is in critical condition. He was transferred to the Nikaia General Infirmary in a life-threatening state and undertook surgery. He is in the intensive care unit and according to doctors his condition will remain critical for the next days, at least.

There were clashes between police and demonstrators in Exarcheia earlier in the evening. At least seven more people were seen being detained right outside the gates of the Athens Polytechnic.

As of the time of writing (19.34 GMT+2) the police presence in Exarcheia is still strong, and the situation of the injured demonstrator is still critical.

More updates, hopefully, soon.


2 300x199 #470 | Vicious police attack against todays General Strike demonstration in Athens leaves at least twelve injured, one in very critical condition




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