The Compañerxs have Stopped their Hunger Strike-Today, the comrades framed for the “Bombings Case” in Chile ended their 65-day hunger strike, which began on February 21. We wish them all a speedy recovery, as well as a quick release from prison.

Posted on April 29, 2011


Rodolfo Retamales Released! Moved to House Arrest.

Rodolfo Retamales has been released. His lawyer won the appeal against the preventative detention today. Due to the investigation being closed, he has been granted release. He is still accused of terrorism, and of being a “leader”.

Information taken from the mainstream Chilean media. Check for updates in the words of those companeros released.

The Compañerxs have Stopped their Hunger Strike

Today, the compañerxs, imprisoned by the “Bombs Case” frame up have decided to stop the now 65 day hunger strike. Regarding the decision they have taken, we have not heard any official statements from them so we will wait to see what they have to say.

Nonetheless, the fight for their freedom, continues and now we must support them in their recovery after the long and draining hunger strike, not only materially but also morally, as has been done so far. Solidarity does not stop. Our many strengths go out to them.

Fear can not stop solidarity…solidarity destroys cages!
Prisoners kidnapped by the State to the STREET!

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