News from bristol u.k.- Solidarity with the Taunton Two!–police out in numbers for riot screening

Posted on April 27, 2011


police out in numbers for riot screening

Just popped out to the shop and there are LOADS of police out in and around mina road park tonight, vans driving around.  Very visible presence.

Perhaps thay came down to see the films?  You can get in free with a silly hat and a uniform, apparently.

Or perhaps they are worried about what might be in the films.

There’s been plenty of screenings round abouts before now, and no interest from the fuzz.  What gives?

If you’re at a loose end, don’t forget the occasional cinema screening tonight!

Solidarity with the Taunton Two!

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On 20/04/2011 two South-West activists were unjustly arrested and charged for squatting a derelict building in the town of Taunton, Somerset; with the intentions to promote squatting as an alternative lifestyle and provide a centre in which social groups and communities can use.

It has been on the agenda to get a Social Centre up and running in Taunton for a while now, being a potential base for Taunton activist collective groups, and even more importantly being open to those of which squatting is a necessity.

The police broke into the secured building using angle grinders, and even arrested one of the activists on the street, acting as a legal observer. The activists were charged with the intent to cause criminal damage, burglary and abstracting electricity. The lack of evidence to support these charges further incriminates the police for unnecessary use of force and intimidation to evict the squatters from their rightful home.

The case has an indirect impact on the South-West Anarcho-Punk scene, with a member of Anonymous Promotions coming under attack. This could be a potential threat on the non-profit organisation and even the increasing Anarcho-Punk movement itself.

The Taunton Two need solidarity and support from those in favour of the Squatting Network, with the court date being on the 12/05/11 at 9.15am: Open to demonstations against the case and those of us against the upcoming Squatting Ban.


Taunton Two Solidarity facebook page:

Court Date facebook event:

For more information on the Taunton Activist Collective:

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police caused riots to show thin blue line to ensure no police jobs and units will be cut



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