Responsibility Claim for arson attack on Polihni Town hall – Thessaloniki

Posted on April 21, 2011


Responsibility Claim for arson attack on Polihni Town hall – Thessaloniki

In the early hours of monday 11/4 with 2 homemade incendiary devices, we attacked the former Town hall of Polihni. We perceive the attack on the infrastructures of the enemy an essential piece of the multiform revolutionary field.

The choice of the date 2 days before the examination of the imprisonment of revolutionary Giannis Skouloudis is in order we remind to his persecutors that for each loss new attacks will.

The action is dedicated to anarchist revolutionaries D.Fessas, Ch.Tsilianidis, D.Dimtsiadis, S.Tzifkas, the denier of work Rami Sirianos as well as to the imprisoned members of Conspiracy Cells of Fire.

Everything continues…

P.S. Although even the cops realized, obviously the recent arrested from the raids in houses of comrades have nothing to do with this attack. When however the state finds a reason to attack because of guerrilla attacks, our answer should be even more intense.

Informal Anarchist Federation / Cell of Aggressive Conscience

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