info for the demostration today16/4 in saloniki(greece)

Posted on April 16, 2011


The demonstration got hit by the riotcops just after it began, a response followed from the comrades and clashes carried on in the surrounding streets.

The demonstration reached, after the conflicts, its destination,the Polytechnic, having behind it at least 3-4 riot units of greens with 2 of them stuck to the back of the block and together with them some undercovers. Behind them one more riot cop unit and even more undercovers. As well there was an undercover cop with the two riotcop units that were right behind the block, and he was taking photographs. What made an impression is that a lot of the cops were out of breath from the chase and were screaming “we will rip you to pieces you brats”, “we will destroy you” etc. One of them screaming like a maniac threw a flash bomb aiming straight for heads. Many of them were holding their batons the other way around. All the riot units that followed really looked like maniacs. As for the participation in the gathering, there were 150-200  people marching under a bit of rain.

Comrades have now gathered in the Polytechnic where a Solidarity concert is taking place tonight.

Of the 11 arrested 2 were charged with disturbance of peace. The other 9 were let free. The 2 comrades appear before the judge Monday morning.

We should all be there in solidarity.

At the meeting that was called after the demo, it was decided that we remain in the Polytechnic for the live concert, and any other decision will be taken after we are informed by the lawyers of the arrested.

Its would be good if all the people can head down, cautiously, to the Polytechnic.

This evening EVERYONE at the concert

We are here, we were not afraid, we were not be terrorized!

The passion for freedom is stronger than their prisons!



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