Police station attacked with Molotow-Cocktails and stones berlin (germany)

Posted on April 15, 2011


Berlin the 11th of april 2011

The communique that we recieved:

“on the early morning of the 11th of april we attacked the copstation on Wedekindstraße in Berlin-Friedrichshain with the use of stones, paint and incendiary material.

Beforehand we want to make clear, that the cop left already the entrance area at the time the petrol bombs got thrown threw the opened door into the entrance and he therefore never been in danger. Further on we setted up warn-signs beside the crows feet to not endanger any non-participants. Any other claims are lies and bad propaganda of the police press.

From this station the operations getting managed to ensure the smooth procedure of commerce and the maximising of profit in the area of Friedrichshain. Like they did at Liebigstraße, where they presented themselves as keen helpers of Suitbert Beulker (owner of Liebig14 – transl.) to save his „property“ by occupying the streets. That a violent eviction happened before this situation, by a force of 2500 heavy armoured cops , we will not forget. We rely on the „broken-window-effect“ and hope that the reconstruction-works will fail as fast as possible.

Now the first of may is knocking on our doors and what to expect should be known by anybody: police is occupying Kreuzberg to experiment with their concepts of counter-insurgency, streetworkers that tell us about peaceful protest and a myfest (commercial festival organized by the district-agency in kreuzberg – transl.) that rather reminds us on Ballermann (the party area of mallorca – transl.). Blunted by the usual hustle of the media, cops and politics.
And indeed we have many damn good reasons to paint the town red because nothing has changed on the crappiness of the existing circumstances: rent-increase, deplacement, wage-shortening, unemployment – the capitalist madness that doesnt deserve anything else than our resolute counter attack. When and where we attack is our choice!
With this attack we remember all those that have died because of police violence and we salute all those that are held as hostages in the prisons. And last but not least we heavy-hearted like to say good bye to Dieter Glietsch (president of police in Berlin – transl.), a „big“ man, that stands for deescalation done by baton and gun and like to send hot greetings in the headquarters to his follower.

Lets rip off our chains to confront and attack the authority.
For a self-tetermined life. For the freedom – for the revolt!
autonomous groups”


3 weeks before the first of may unknowns attacked a policestation monday morning in Friedrichshain by using petrol bombs. One officer got lightly injured, the offenders escaped. Its already the third attack of this kind this year.

At the time of the shift change at 5:30am cobble stones and petrol bombs got thrown on the building , a spokesperson of the police reported. 6 people attacked the station. The officer in charge of the station got lightly injured when he tried to catch one of the offenders. The background of the action was unclear.

The station was responsible for the eviction of the house Liebigstraße 14 in Friedrichshain in february. A window got smashed by the unknowns using stones. Incendiary material got thrown at the entrance area and through the door. One petrol bomb ignited on the stairs. Hereby the entrance doors got badly demaged by smoke. One cleaning-staff, that was standing in the doorway, was pulled through the second door by an officer. The 26 years old man got a shock.
The officer in charge of the station jumped out of the window to follow one of the offenders. In Wedekindstraße he tried to catch one of the attackers. An accomplice turned around and liberated the man. While this happened the cop got lightly injured on his arm, the unknowns escaped. How many officers have been inside the station was unclear. After a first overview nobody else got injured.
On the crossroads around the station the offenders spreaded so called crows feet. These sharp metal-pieces destroy the tires of cars when they drive over. The bended and welded nails apparently were used to stop the police cars. But the officers were able to clean the road quit fast. They warned passing drivers.
In october 2009 unknown offenders attacked the police station in Lichtenberg by using stones. Several windows got destroyed. Further on smokebombs got thrown and crows feet where layed on the street. Nobody got injured. The attacked was claimed as a solidarity-salute to imprisoned car-arsonists.
A spokesperson reports that this is already the third attack of this kind on a policestation this year. The state security is investigating.

source: Morgenpost


The highest state-prosecutor in Karlsruhe is now investigating about attempted murder and attempted heavy arson.

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