Letter from the Anastasiadis brothers (imprisoned for the nadir case)(thessaloniki-greece)

Posted on April 14, 2011


Letter from the Anastasiadis brothers (imprisoned for the nadir case)(thessaloniki-greece) 

Imprisoned in the juvenile prisons for roughly 4 months since our arrest we would like to refer to personal experiences and our experiences inside the walls. Beginning from the unwanted and enforced restriction of our actions and the cutting off from comrades that with time incarceration, removes them more and more while the “daily life” is replaced by a permanent repeat.

The role and institution of prison

The creation of prison as an institution aims in the exclusion of the infringing from the social total without of course aiming an their reform and their transformation into legal citizens something that authority and in extension society knows very well.

There is an abundance of reasons for its existence. Indirectly functioning threateningly for those who dare to violate the laws of sovereignty offering a delusional safety and rest of its law-abiding society. Immediately however and if someone crosses the door of prison then it puts into use the vengeful process of incarceration, depriving in an even bigger degree freedom, cutting them off from the social total where there it will aim at the psychological crushing of the individual which is achieved in the intellectually feeble.

Conservers of prison and relations between prisoners

The foundations of prison are supported on themselves the prisoners-conservers seduced by the reduction of their sentences, repairing damages, cleaning its filth, cooking for it and maintaining particular relations with the representatives-guards. Basically a micrography of todays society.

Between prisoners theres been created a code that classifies them hierarchically usually by the sentencing time , giving them thus a sovereign role. In the total of prisoners racial segregations prevail where according with their nationality, they compose entire wings functioning collectively in most issues that come up.

My will, my intolerance, my freedom, my revolution is irrevocably mine”

The struggle renders us unabashed with every possible means from the direct or indirect communication and solidarity between comrades to the conscious animosity against the conservers and representatives of sovereignty. From the hostile glance to it up to the escalation-creation of ruptures and intensities against it. There will be no discounts as for our behavior against the little dogs of authority even if we are in their hands.

Our fight continues… We will not wait for neither the suitable conditions, neither the maturation of situations, neither our release. We do not wait for tomorrow, we do not forget yesterday, we live today.

Our attitude and our position since the arrest…

Our attitude and our position in the struggle from our arrest and onwards is specific. From the refusal to give our prints, photographs or our signatures, to the solidarity during our stay in the cells democracy to the comrades revolutionaries of other prisons.

Not a step back, whatever the current situation is, whatever the charges are, valid or not.

Our daily struggle does not exist in order to be in pace with setbacks or repentances, our steps only aim ahead in order to embrace individual development. Using the time of incarceration for self-criticism, thinking of our errors, continuous study, writing of texts for the imminent help of the new wave of revolutionaries, the new rings that will succeed the steal chain of the revolution.

The thirst for freedom arms us,

Dignity defines us,

Our conscience reminds us,

Because nothing else fill us.”

We raise our fists to the accused of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire case and to those who proudly took the responsibility.

Our solidarity to the anarchist revolutionaries D. Fessas, M. Tsilianidis, D.Dimtsiadis and S.Tzifkas, also the comrade G. Skouloudis who is also called to attend on 12/04 for the council of the 6month period in the Thessaloniki courts.

Our comradely greetings to all that continue the fight inside and outside the walls.

Finally, we call all comrades to attend dynamically in the Pan-Hellenic demonstration of Solidarity to Political Prisoners on the 16/04 in Thessaloniki.

P.S. We consider necessary to clarify that we are accused for two robberies, for which are accused also comrades of the anarchist steki Nadir. At the same time we want to clarify that we are not members of Nadir, without this meaning that we did not exist or did not contribute in this, since as well we were arrested just a few meters from the house we live in, the next day.

Panos Anastasiadis

Stelios Anastiasidis

Imprisoned in Avlona prisons