Claim of responsibility for the arson at A. Loverdo’s office Revolutionary Liberation Action (greece)

Posted on April 9, 2011


We claim responsibility for the arson attack at the political office of Health Minister Andreas Loverdos.

This politician is one of the most prominent advocates of the attack that the ruling class haw launched against all proletarians. In the past, when serving as Minister of Labour, he was responsible for imposing unbearable terms of exploitation on worker, by implementing the policies of the Memorandum and the greek government.

Today, as Health Minister, he is promoting the complete privitisation of health services, being responsible for excluding thousands of people from basic medical care. This cynical authoritarian dad the vulgarity to demand from those of the 300 immigrants recently in hunger strike who had to be hospitalised to pay 100,000euros each, for medical expenses.

The antisocial policies he is imposing are part of the state and capital’s broader planning, which forces large sectors of society to poverty and misery.

The confrontation with the state and capitalist dictatorship is a case of all the exploited and oppressed people. Our collective movement  against the tyrants is the only possible prospect for subverting their plans. The dilemma we are faced with is to Struggle or Surrender. Struggle for liberation from the bonds of authority or surrender our lives to passivity, alienation and submission.

The symbolic attack against one of those in charge of the regime’s aggression is part of the great struggles thousands of people and engaged in: the demonstrators participating in mass rallies, the people of Keratea in the roadblocks, the workers on strike. Our thought and actions are defined and enriched by the revolts of millions of outcasts around the world, such as the recent ones in north Africa. These thoughts and actions gain significance and perspective at the extent they are connected with the desires, the needs and the determination of our class. Any action is judged according to its target and its content, the words accompanying it. Its connection with the existent social resistance is what determines its effectiveness. Delirious, complacent declarations and elitist antisocial rhetorics have nothing to offer to the struggle for liberation. On the contrary, they separate the means from the end, thus degrading them.

The keynote for the full- scale assault of domination is violence, repression and social control: Anti-terrorist acts, police state, criminalisation of social resistance, slander of every struggle by the Media, and blunt frame- ups against people of the struggle are forming the conditions of a totalitarian regime, being built on the attempt to neutralise its political opponents.

Fighting against this regime, we stand in solidarity with anarchist Aris Sirinidis who is facing fabricated charges and whose trial is taking place these days. In solidarity with anarchist Christos Politis who is imprisoned because of a ridiculous scenario made by the Antiterrorist Department. In solidarity with imprisoned anarchists Sarandos Nikitopoulos, Vaggelis Stathopoulos, Christoforos Kortesis whose prosecution is based on the sole “evidence” of their personal and political relationships. In solidarity with militants Kostas Gournas, Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis who have taken the political responsibility for the participation in the “Revolutionary Struggle”.

Let;s intensify with any means our efforts to form a social and class form against political and financial rulers; to form a collective vision of freedom.





Revolutionary Liberation Action

March 2011

Three gas canisters explode shortly before 18:00 today 18/3 in the political office of the Minister of Health
– Two explosions heard by neighbours
– Four fire engines there…

The political office of Health Minister Andreas Loverdos, located on the first floor of a building at 6 Apollo Road, Syntagma, Athens