Intervention outside the house of interrogator Baltas who handles the case of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire,in the northern suburbs of Athens.(greece)

Posted on April 6, 2011



A group of pepole  stopped outside of the house of special appeals interrogator Konstantinos Baltas, who handles the case of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire, that is in the northern suburbs of Athens, they shouted chants and trow flyers. As it is reported in governmental media their were arrests after the end of the intervention..

The 12 arrested comrades were transferred to GADA (police headquarters) where they were not allowed the visit of relatives or contact with lawyers.

Comrades gathered in solidarity outside the building on Alexandra street with a banner, that wrote the state is the only terrorist.

Finally after a long cooking from the cops, the arrests are turned into charges for 2 misdeameanor.

The arrested appeared in Evelpidon courts today 5th of April at 10am. After all the comrades got postponement till 13/4, next wednesday.

Let it be clarified that all 13 arrested were let free!

The states are the only terrorists.

Solidarity is our weapon.

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