Statements from Hunger Strikers in Chile: Pablo Morales Joins in the Hunger Strike which is now into the 41st Day!and some more actions and news.

Posted on April 4, 2011


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Blocking the street in solidarity, Buenos Aires
Blocking the street in solidarity, Buenos Aires
Art of anti-authoritarian hunger striker Felipe Guerra
Art of anti-authoritarian hunger striker Felipe Guerra
Banner drop outside the "Centre for Justice," Santiago in solidarity
Banner drop outside the “Centre for Justice,” Santiago in solidarity
Freedom for the prisoners of the bombs case on hunger strike
Freedom for the prisoners of the bombs case on hunger strike
Chilean Consulate occupied in Athens, Greece
Chilean Consulate occupied in Athens, Greece
Chilean Consulate occupied in Athens, Greece
Chilean Consulate occupied in Athens, Greece

Greetings to all who act in solidarity,

What follow are the first three statements sent out from anti-authoritarian and anarchist prisoners currently on day 41 of hunger strike in Santiago, Chile. We have re-posted the statements here to share thier beautiful words of struggle and to inspire solidarity.

On March 23rd, Pablo Morales, also imprisoned under preventative detention in the “Bombs Case,” joined in the hunger strike increasing the number of participants to ten. The most curent updates are still untranslated from spanish and can be found at

For updates in English please refer to

3rd Statement: Since the Beginning of the Hunger Strike
Posted on 03/13/2011 to

Each day of this forced incarceration we review the 50 binders of “proof” from the investigation of the “Caso Bombas,” we find more reasons and spirit to continue with firm conviction our hunger strike we started on the 21st of Feb. to achieve the freedom we long for.

The binders are filled with 5 years of monitoring, tracking, and checkpoints of our movements laid out in print. Espionage by hundreds functionaries formed into various teams of the elite members of the Investigative Police (PDI) and the Carabineros, and coordinated by the National Agency of Intelligence (ANI), accumulated 60,000 recorded telephone conversations (1), in which our privacy was never important. Everything was ordered by a team of Prosecutors with an exclusive dedication, who asked for advice from Italian experts in anti-system groups and solicited advice from the very similar FBI in order to break up dissidents.

And what are the irrefutable proofs that this entire gigantic repressive apparatus wields to implicate us?  In order to show but not dwell on this, we will give some examples:

1. A telephone conversation between Rodolfo Retamales and the mother of his child, during which he asked her if she had been giving the cat food and if his son was still lying down. According to the prosecution, this constitutes proof of “communicating in code”

2.  A diagram found on Camilio Pérez Tamayo’s computer containing specific and transverse objectives, materials to utilize, etc. These educational plans are required for organization by all

3. A photograph of Felipe Guerra in which the youth is depicted writing his names and drawing an ACME type bomb on the beach.

4. The completion of only the minimum requirements and years in education.  According to the prosecution, this constituted a “criminal plan” of the organization, yet they never mention that the accused studied General Education at the university.

5. 44 images referencing the locations of bombings occurring in the last years. According to the prosecution, this “proof” demonstrates the sophisticated technology applied in preparation for the bombings. What they have “forgotten” to mention in the hearing is that these archives were not created by any of the accused, but by the designers of the newspaper La Tercera and they were published on the newspaper’s website.

What should be noted is that none of the the “scientific evidence” puts us at the site of any bombing, there are no videotapes, no fingerprints, no DNA, there were not chemicals nor materials to build bombs in our houses that were raided on the 14th of August, none of the evidence is categorical, only presumptions and dreams of a prosecutor desperate for fame and glory who has had us locked up for over 200 days without a drop of concrete evidence.

We are accused of illicit association only for living and visiting squatted houses and radical libraries. What they intend to do is illegalize friendship, and to criminalize affections between individuals who have similar emancipatory ideas, and whom at least half had NEVER met each other before the formalization of the charges.

Although they have not demonstrated out responsibility for the bombings, the government has condemned us for a long time. Minister of the Interior Hinzpeter repeatedly asked for results from the National Prosecutors, who ceded to his pressure and took the old prosecutor off the case and put prosecutor Peña in charge, who in only 58 days “resolved” the intricate case, using the same “evidence” that the prior prosecutor had. Meanwhile, smiling and happy the President of Chile Sebastian  Piñera declared: “I am happy to hear that our forces of order and security have been able to capture a band that acted with an illicit association to place bombs and terrorize the population.” (2) In every part of the world these words denote that a fair trial is impossible. But since then, the government has ridiculously assured that these statements are not to pressure the judges and that “there will be a fair trial.” ?!

Obviously this case signifies many things; the first is to make the public that the sophisticated investigation and the many resources wasted on control and vigilance have not been in vain. The second thing is to demonstrate to anyone and everyone who dissent, individuals or collectives,  that they will be persecuted without piety by the authorities

Power intends to make the attacks on the institutions and symbols of capitalism into a “small Baghdad”, arguing that they “terrorize society.” Nothing could be further from reality! There has never been a single bombing that targeted people nor indiscriminate attacks against the general population. We have never met anyone who is afraid to go out into the street because they are afraid of being wounded by a bomb.

Because of this we believe that the anti-terrorist law is unfair. This fatal law, which has among its attributes the ability to globally use unidentified witnesses, the tripling of sentences, and requires the unanimous decision amongst judges for an appeal for release, when normally only a majority is required to decide.

We don’t think it is necessary to continue extending this statement. We believe that the the evidence backing the accusations brought against us is clearly weak, because since the inception of the “bombs case,” it has been a house of cards falling to pieces.

We affectionately salute all those who have supported us during these 7 months of imprisonment y and to all of those who have demonstrated their solidarity and spread our hunger strike. Our love and spirit go out to them.

We continue to demand:

Santiago, March 10, 2011, 17 days since the beginning of the hunger strike.

(1): Diario El Mercurio, August 15, 2010
(2): Diario La Tercera, August 16, 2010

Statement from Mónika Caballero
Posted on 03/12/2011

Dear Comrades:

It has almost been two weeks since we began the hunger strike, yet I did not have to wait for your solidarity, and your beautiful gestures have cast light into these dismal halls.
The traps of the persecutors are made to break or mold their own laws in order to create “new figures”. The decisions that will come into effect the 16th of March share these same characteristics, those accused in the “Caso Bombas” may face new charges (the best excuse to prolong preventative detention.) Their pranks do not surprise us, for the prosecutor needs more time to prove the untenable: an illicit association amongst people who do not relate in a hierarchical manner. Have no doubt… this is a political trial. Today, just like before, anti-authoritarian ideas send chills down the spineless backs of those who love the law, so it is of utmost importance to propagate the ideas and encourage the different struggles that aim for the destruction of domination.

The road is complex, the enemy mocks using the filthiest tricks possible: from preventing the drinking of water to laughing during every checkup, but it does not matter, because for each one of their attacks my skin becomes even harder still.

I send a strong embrace to my known comrades (and those I don’t know), to all the restless and unmanageable bodies and minds in every latitude: make sure that the hunt never ends.
Thanks to those of you who filled the halls and street with light!!!
Political prisoners from Aug. 14 on hunger strike to the streets!!!


Mónika Caballero,
Anarchist Political Prisoner
Santiasko, $hile, CPF, SEAS

translated from:

Statement from Women’s Maximum Security Section
Posted on 02/24/2011 by ClaudiaLópezPresente

It’s difficult to summarize the events of the recent wave of repression, the coarse televised spectacle cements itself in the political-judicial-police machine, reproducing and drawing from the Italian process known as “Marini” and “Cervantes” during which various social centers and squatted houses were raided and the inhabitants charged with being an “Armed Gang.” Operation Salamander (a similar Chilean species) captured 14 people under the charges of Illicit Terrorist Association, and of transportation or placing of explosive devices.

Affectionate friendships were transformed and mutated into a hierarchical structure. Many of the arrested never even knew each other.Who would have guessed that the idea of living without reproducing power would lead to us being judged as an Illicit Association? The political functionaries maintain that the squatted houses were utilized as conspiracy centers to manufacture bombs; they say nothing of the libraries for whomever might have interest in engaging in solidarity. Now these books are mere articles strewn among “so much proof”. The prosecutor speaks of organic proof found in areas where there were indeed some attacks, motherboards would be the certainty such of scientific proof, another swift kick to the ass of the oppressors: for all the biological proof, none of it implicates those charged on the 14th of August. All of the DNA tests were done by force by the prison guards and police.

The wiles of the prosecutor reach absurd heights exemplified by the “Pakistani Case” surrounding the complicity of mediums of mass communication, which for years have cemented the anti-terrorist discourse, setting the stage for the hunt that August 14th. Besides bringing the weight of an investigation spanning over five years, the accusers are asking for 180 days of preventative detention, arguing for an even more exhaustive investigation, which will not stop with the testimony of Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga. Normally, under due process the defense would get the investigative folder prior to the formalization of the charges, within the “Bombs Case” said folder was given to the defense after almost 3 months of incarceration, and was also incomplete. Recently after over 170 days in prison the prosecutor has delivered the “classified pages.”

Modesty cannot exist among intrusions into the intimate life of the accused, from intimidating small children to hundreds of electronically monitored phone calls which only prove friendly ties among the co-accused.

Inside this prison (CPF) we have been faced with many different types of interrogations- formal and informal- on behalf of different functionaries of the prison; vigilantes, criminal sociologists, social workers, etc. They search for a declaration or the appropriate delinquent profile. We disclose this information not with a feeling of victimization, but in order to warn those who can see themselves in a similar position, power use all of its tentacles to prolong incarceration. Harassment effects all of our brothers and sisters, friends, comrades, proud families, who have never bent their heads before a jailer.

We are to be processed under the law inherited from the Dictatorship, that has as one of its attributes secret witnesses, who have been used in the judicial processes of the Mapuche people, whether civil or military. In addition, this law gives increased sentences for common crimes. Lifting the preventative detention would not be enough because if the prosecutor or Superior Court wanted to change this decision its needs a unanimous vote, whereas normally it only needs a majority, this is another pitfall of the legal system.

The blows are not just against those kidnapped on August 14th, but all those who question the current police state: exemplary punishment for anyone who will not be ruled.
It is by this that today Monday February 21st, it has been more than 180 days since the raids and investigation, we begin a mobilization with characteristics of an indefinite hunger strike. Using our bodies as a means of demands:

1. Immediate release for all of those charged from the 14th of August, not one day more. Immediate trial.
2. End to the Anti-Terrorist Law. No more secret witnesses, no more unanimous vote.
3. Transfer to/and better prisons.

These our are last words for you all, comrades: leave no space for forgetfulness, this did not begin on August 14th, nor will it end with us. Our action would be meaningless if left inside these cold walls, times are complex, we expect to stay on top of our situation here. Let your imagination run wild and turn these words into action.

In the struggle against all forms of domination: NO ONE IS ALONE!!!

Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda, Prisionera Política Anarkista.
Andrea Urzúa Cid, Prisionera Política Libertaria.

Sección de Alta Seguridad (SEAS).
Centro Penitenciario Femenino.
Santiasko, $hile,
21 de Febrero de 2011.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chile – Communique for the hunger strike by the anarchist comrades accused in the ‘caso bombas’ case


[the hunger strike has been taken up by: Monica Caballero, Andrea Urzua, Rodolfo Retamales, Felipe Guerra, Camilo Perez, Carlos Riveros y Francisco Solar]
Comunique:On the 14th of august 2010, the Public Minister, working in cahoots with the district attorney´s office of metropolitana sur, dictated a series of arrest warrants and raids, focusing police terror on private homes and social centers. The immediate effect being the arrest of 14 people in a repressive strike which came to be known as the “caso bombas” (bomb case). The arrested are accused of pertaining to an apparent illicit terrorist organization created in the irrational minds of some “legal rights specialists” and today they continue to have us behind bars. The investigation into the “caso bombas” began approximately 5 years ago. Under the Bachelet administration the state appointed 3 district attorneys to exclusively investigate and discover the authors of each and every one of the bombs that had been placed in financial, police, public service, or any other institutions. In the five years that followed they filled 43 folders with dates from police sources, criminal experts, protected testimonies, declarations, surveillance of suspects, their families and places, telephone taps, and raids on specific places and social libraries (all of which were subsequently raided on the morning of the 14th).
With all this information none of the judges or district attorneys decided to incarcerate anyone. The evidence wasn’t conclusive enough, it was speculative and didn’t allow for the identification of anyone responsible for the placement of any of the bombs. On top of that, the district attorney Xavier Armendáriz declared, before the anxious Ministry of the Interior of the time that; “…it’s necessary for us to act cautiously in our investigations due to the weakness of our evidence….” especially when “…the authors of the bombings don’t belong to violent cells in and of themselves, rather they form part of loosely knit splinter groups without a leader….” (Emol 27 November2009).The apparent “following of the rules” in terms of the investigation came to an end on the 14th of June 2010 when, having removed Armendáriz through pressure by the Ministry of the Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter appoints Sabas Chahuán as head district attorney. That´s how the district attorney Alejandro Peña appears on the scene, described by the newspaper La Tercera as “…a walking paradox, the fusion of judicial and police bureaucracy with the fantasy of being able to juggle the two combined in one person.”. With this presentation the montage begins.
The district attorney develops a new strategy without keeping in mind the human costs that his actions will accrue. If the old district attorneys weren´t able to recognize or identify the culprits then he would invent them or, by any means necessary, make the pieces fit in his new “hard-line investigation”. Structuring the infamous illicit organization with leaders who haven’t spoken in years and grunts that don’t even know each other and- the funniest part of it all- European financiers!!!! as if 950 euros sent on just one occasion to one of the accused would fund such subversive actions (a safe house, cars, arms, false documentation) What a great imagination this guy has! They even invented a link between one of the leaders and the Pakistani man that was arrested and then let free a couple of weeks later at the US Embassy for having TNT residue on his person. Finally, the fantasy helps to plan the “new strategy.” Especially in terms of the media campaign set about by means of official information and recompilation of data regarding those apparently suspected placing explosive devices.
Information such as frequented spaces, profiles of suspected leaders etc. The sights are set on people that can be linked to social spaces, community radios and stations, students professing libertarian ideals, ex political prisoners, all recognized critics of the “neo-liberal” model, and people in solidarity with struggling peoples – especially the Mapuche in their desire to maintain their identity, worldview and territory. They aren’t persecuting actions but ideas, relationships, autonomous libraries, squats, and cultural, artistic and community spaces.
Once the theatrical stage is set with its protagonists and their corresponding physical and psychological characteristics and a perfectly constructed public opinion, a repressive strike is unfurled. At this point two months had past since Alejandro Peña had taken the reins as director of the political-judicial montage. With the same files, dialogs, places, actors and a remodeled incriminatory script the operative spectacle fills the airwaves the morning of the 14th of Aug 2010. After our arrests the district attorney asks for three days to inform us of the accusations, in theory this should have been done on the same day as our arrest. A posterori he solicits 180 days (6 months) of preventative imprisonment until the end of the investigation.
These 180 days were up on the 14th of Feb. 2011. On the 14th of February we are notified that we will be cited on the 16 of March 2011. All of this makes the trial stranger, Alejandro Peña is capable of asking for 6 more months to put together his political puzzle.During these long months, we haven´t just been restricted to a 2×3 meter single cell 22 hours a day with 3 hour family visits once a week in tiny spaces without natural lighting, but we’ve had to endure torture by the state´s civil servants in first-person. An example of which occurred on the 8th of October 2010 when professionals of Legal Medical Services along with agents of LABOCAR, DIPOLCAR and the police violently extracted DNA samples from each of the accused. These samples were to be compared with the DNA samples found at the scenes of the bombings. This “scientific evidence” found no relation between our DNA and that found at the scene. On the other hand, we have seen how the evidence in the investigative files is only held up by police conjecture based on friendships, family alliances or coincidences in public marches or political-cultural activities.
On top of all that, it´s important to note that we all didn´t even know each other until the day of our arrests. For that fact alone, its impossible for us to have formed a “terrorist association” and even more impossible – any organization.No evidence or material for the fabrication of explosive devices was found in any of the raids. There isn´t even any fingerprint or video evidence against any of us.Before the depraved judicial sacrilege, secret files, telephone taps with our lawyers, the use of secret witnesses with psychiatric antecedents like Rodrigo Vera Morales and Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga and with everything stated above we have decided to start a liquid-hunger strike on the 21st o f Feb. 2011 at 00:00 hours.
We demand:




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Police Station attacked in Nottingham (UK)

28 March 2011

“Last night just after midnight police station on Wollaton Road, Nottingham was attacked with glass jars filled with black paint. We send this loving kiss to Jock Palfreeman and all those who represented for the eternal struggle against domination on the streets of London this weekend.
We chose our target to emphasise the fragility and weakness of the state. If their first line of defence can be hurt with such ease then cracks in the status quo will grow and begin to bleed. We view the cops as the security guards of capitalists, protecting property, reinforcing white supremacy and state control. With this action we show their inability to protect themselves.
As things get worse, as the divisions between the capitalists and the rest become deeper and more entrenched the fascism inherent in any police force will become ever more clear. As this become the case it will be important for us to know in our angry little hoodlum hearts that we can strike back whenever we choose to.
In doing this we did not forever alter the state of things, but we did forever alter the strength and resolve within ourselves as we prepare for all out social war.
The love in our hearts is offered up with this action to Jock Palfreeman imprisoned by the Bulgarian arm of state power for refusing to cower in the face of racism and fascism. Also to the 14 Chilean anarchists currently on hunger strike, physically captured by the industrial prison complex, but still free in their hearts and strong in their resistance. We won’t let them be forgotten.
Finally to those who rebelled against state control on the streets of London, those black clad lovers and fighters who strove to liberate themselves. Solidarity to those who were arrested on Saturday.
Not because they’re innocent.
Not because they’re peaceful.
But because they’re comrades.”
Petty Vandals

We claim responsibility for the arsons on Wednesday 02/03/11 in athens (greece)


“From Africa to Latin America and from Asia to Europe and North America the hearths of resistance not only do not extinguish but continuously re-ignite. Whether this concerns movements and collective formations or more smaller in numbers, more individual courses of disputing the existing”


We live in a time where everything is liquidized. If the previous years what they could offer us was the consumerist debilitation and social evolution, henceforth the only promise is that of a slow death. In the time where the economic crisis becomes more and more deep, more social parts radicalise and stand against the existing. The fight with all means against state and bosses has intensified. From the struggle of Keratea and Lefkimmi, the hunger strike of the 300 immigrants workers, the movement of “I don’t pay”, the wild strike clashes in the centres of the metropolises, the sabotage to governmental and capitalistic targets, from arsons to the blowing up of entire structures of the regime by revolutionary organisations.

The state in its turn upgrades its arsenal legally as well as materially and technically having as a main target the extermination of the “internal enemy”. Because the appearance of water canons and the continuous military exercises to repress demonstrations couldn’t impose order without new terrorlaws, without new “guillotines” to hang over the heads of the most militant part. The upgrade of demeaning via the media, does not function simply as a spreader of false news. It depoliticizes and presents as simple criminals political subjects, anarchists, revolutionaries and fighters. The cracking down of an internal enemy is of great importance precisely because it is the “dangerous” social-radical part, it is the part that is conscience of itself and fights modern totalitarianism. It’s the regulator of balance, the pledge for the existence and the continuity of capitalism itself. Here the antiterrorist force –the “pride” of the Greek Police- takes control… It creates profiles and it channels them via the press, it raises the secrecy of telephone discussions and transforms friendly relations into “terrorist organizations”. It goes onto the manufacturing of these, as in the case of Ch.Politis. Precisely because there are no margins. The system is ill and the political opponents must be exterminated, and this it makes very clear.

If henceforth for us there is a bet, this is the continuity of the strugle. And a part of this is our solidarity to the imprisoned fighters and political prisoners. If the choice of sabotage of structures of sovereignty is a ruptured and aggressive moment of the social-class war, solidarity is that qualitative relation that links the disparate parts that contribute to destabilisation itself, to the parts that -consciously or not- move against or many times aggressively to the capitalistic structure.

We claim responsibility for the arsons on Wednesday 02/03/11 in

-Eurobank on Ethnikis Antistaseos street in Kesariani
-Tax Offices in Holargos on Eleftherios Venizelos street
-Local offices New Democracy (opposition right wing party) Panagi Tsaldari street in Tavros area

We dedicate our actions to:

Christos Politis, who is imprisoned without any evidence because of his subversive action as well as to the 5 that are accused for the same case.

Aris Sirinidis who is tried on the 9th of March and whos trial will be the “pilot program” of use of DNA in political trials.

Solidarity to the Chilean comrades who are on hunger strike for the “bomb case”.



Skie(r)s* for the promotion of night-time sabotage

*play on words, since if you take away the letter (r) it means shadows in greek
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Solidaridad  con los presos politicos chilenos en huelga de hambre (vigesimo tercer dia)

Los callejones sin salida de la dominación, la violencia autoritaria y la estrategia de guerra para la neutralización del enemigo interno son, hoy mas que nunca, características evidentes en todos los estados en los cuales se desarrolla la resistencia social organizada. En el 14 de Agosto de 2010, un maravilloso espectáculo represivo ha tomado lugar en las ciudades chilenas de Santiago y Valparaíso conduciendo à la persecución de 14 personas, 8 de las cuales  han sido encarceladas y acusadas de todos los ataques armados, con explosivos e incendiarios, que han acontecido en los últimos 3 años, en contra de objetivos del estado y del capital en el país. La única prueba concreta que los ha llevado a la cárcel es su identidad política, que es sintetizada por sus círculos sociales y sus actividades de lucha.
Andrea Urzúa, Camilo Pérez, Carlos Riveros, Felipe Guajardo, Francisco Solar, Mónica Caballero, Pablo Morales, Rodolfo Retamales, que desde entonces están encarcelados, libran una lucha muy importante desde el 21-2-2011, en que han empezado una huelga de hambre exigiendo su libertad así como la abolición de la ley antiterrorista. Nada mas empezar la huelga, otros 2 compañeros han sido reenviados a la cárcel después de un periodo de arresto domiciliario. Vinicio Aguillera y Omar Hermosilla se han unido à la huelga 2 días después. A través de este posicionamiento todos ellos demuestran claramente que no están dispuestos a resignarse en las jaulas de le democracia. A través de su segunda exigencia, han conseguido quebrar el aislamiento social que formaba parte de los planes del estado, poniendo en evidencia la profunda dimensión política de su caso la cual es significativamente importante para todas las luchas sociales. El arsenal de la ley, que todos los estados totalitarios modernos tienen a su disposición, es una herramienta para la eliminación de cualquiera que sea un enemigo consciente en contra del dominio. Aunque sean los anarquistas los principales receptores de la violencia enmascarada por las leyes, la fuerza de la ley del terror no va extinguirse después de ellos. El resultado de esta lucha será un legado histórico para el movimiento que no quedara atrapado dentro de las fronteras de ningún país. Que suceda entonces lo mismo con la solidaridad que sera expresada, desde todos los rincones de este planeta, para con estos compañeros.
Nosotros les deseamos mucha fuerza hasta la liberación. Nos quedamos juntos a ellos en esta difícil lucha contra las mazmorras del estado, contra el proceso judicial discriminatorio y clasista, contra las alcantarillas de los media y contra todos aquellos que intentaran bloquear su camino hacia la libertad.
Asamblea por el fomento de la solidaridad y otros compañeros, 15/3/2011
Sálonica, Grecia
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