UK Uncut need to think about data security A N Other | 03.04.2011

Posted on April 3, 2011


The arrest in Fortnum & Masons shows the police gathering data as ever. Activists should learn from this.
An article which was prominent on the Guardian site yesterday evening but has now been scrolled deserved wider reading.

“A meeting of UK Uncut supporters heard that those charged have had their phones confiscated. The mobiles contain details of the group’s secure networks and email accounts used to mobilise and organise actions.”

It should be automatic that a large demonstration like this is organised via untraceable communications. Secure networks and email accounts should not be exposed by the compromise of some phones or other communication devices to the police.

Those deeply involved can do this amongst themselves, with the interface to those who “can’t be bothered” with “complicated” things being via accounts that compromise of is no problem.

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