>information from the solidarity demonstration to the immigrants in Igoumenitsa on 29 January northwest of Greece

Posted on January 31, 2011



Text of the Assembly anarchists in the TEI university of Igoumenitsa, shortly after the attack on the demo by the police: 

Today, January 29, Igoumenitsa was an occupied city. Police forces of every kind (MAT, undercover cops and port cops) flooded the streets. The cause of this particular occupation was the nationwide solidarity march for immigrants that was called at the initiative of local comrades. 

The area of Igoumenitsa for some time, has become one of the focal points of anti-immigrant policies of the Greek state. A geographical challenge for Fortress-Europe: The manhunts, exclusion, racism, informal and institutionalized apartheid involves not only over-excited police and port forces against the “illegal” poor devils arms in hand with the fanatically Greek local fascists. 

From the start of the demo we felt the challenging pressure of the forces of repression that had mobilized an entire democratic army to impose terror on the local community and to prevent solidarity reaching the outdoor camp where hundreds of immigrants live. But attempts by democracy to impose silence on the local community (especially after recent local incidents of deaths and injuries of migrants at the hands of cops and bullets of known local fascists) failed. 

Today’s solidarity march for immigrants crossed all the main streets of the city. 
During it slogans were shouted and hundreds of leaflets handed out.Many immigrant youths of the town joined the demo to the camp, where migrants experienced emotional moments of solidarity. Dozens of immigrants from the camp, when they saw the demo approaching, moved towards it to strengthen it by participating. At that point, the riot police prevented the movement of migrants to the demo, by creating a barrier, causing a lot of tension. Following the intervention of the comrades, we made it to get near to some immigrants then continue on the demo to the predetermined point of termination. Shortly before the end of the demo, we received a coordinated attack by the police with tear gas, flash bombs, beating with truncheons and were chased to the TEI (university). Nine injured (shoulder dislocations, head injuries, ruptured meniscus, severe allergic reactions to the eyes …) and seven arrests at the local police station prolonged our stay in town until late afternoon in solidarity with our comrades. 


translation from actforfreedomnow! 


The migration issue in Igoumenitsa, northwest of Greece


Solidarity demo to the immigrants, Igoumenitsa, 29 January
During several collectives’ assemblies which we participated in, a more comprehensive description of the situation was requested. We gathered some facts so as to summarize the migration issue in Igoumenitsa and to show that the situation tends to a head
(19 January 2011).
Despite the fact that Igoumenitsa accepts immigrants the last 15 years, the ‘migration’ starts to exist as an issue in the local society of this northwest town from 2007 onwards, when around 200 Kurds were arrested with the well known method ‘cleaner,’ were carried in the stadium of Igoumenitsa and from there summarily in a concentration camp in Alexandroupoli (northern Greece), to eventually be delivered to Turkish authorities.
With the completion of the projects in the new port of Igoumenitsa, the town starts to accept more and more immigrants from Sudan, Somalia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Eritrea, Morocco, Algeria, whose only goal is to flee towards the rest of Europe, as they say that Greece is for them a huge prison. More»
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