>Gathering in solidarity with the struggle of prisoners in Patras greece

Posted on December 13, 2010



On Sunday, December 12th, approximately 100 comrades gathered outside the prisons of Agios Stefanos (30 km outside Patras, in western Greece) in solidarity with those fighting behind the prison bars. A very high percentage of detainees throughout the country have gone on hunger strike or abstain from prison meals from 29 November to date. They demand the improvement of detention conditions. Read here for more details. Slogans were chanted, a banner that wrote “Passion for freedom is stronger that any prison” was hung, the prison walls were stenciled; there was music and two-way communication through speakers. A prisoner described on the phone the conditions they live in, and how those who fight are treated by prison guards. Prisoners waved and shouted back, burned sheets and hand-made flags.
No one fighting is alone! Solidarity to the struggle of prisoners!
tusday 14  has been called as a day of action and demos will take place across the country in solidarity.

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