>whitehall riots spreading through central london 24 nov.

Posted on November 24, 2010


STUDENTS and schoolchildren all across the UK rose up against neoliberal plans to raise university fees and slash education funding.

There were angry scenes in central London, where police blocked marchers from reaching Parliament Square and then ‘kettled’ thousands of youngsters for six hours.

But more impressive still was the news of walkouts, protests and occupations come in from cities and towns all over the country.

Indymedia reports that occupations, teach-ins and walkouts have been reported at places including the University of Kent, Birmingham, Loughborough, Strathclyde, Edinburgh, Essex, Hastings, Winchester, Dursley, Leominster, Bradford, Warwick.

There was also action in Newcastle (reports 1 and 2), Durham, Bristol (reports 1, 2 and 3), Leeds, Cardiff, London – [ULU], [Royal Holloway] [SOAS] [Roehampton] – Glasgow, Plymouth, Sheffield (reports 1, 2, 3, 4), Brighton, Oxford (reports 1 and 2), Nottingham, Manchester and many more…

Says the report: “By Wednesday afternoon, a large demonstration in London included around 3000 people kettled in Whitehall between two police lines (with around 2000 in the surrounding area), a police van smashed and many street fires keeping people warm.

“More trouble was reported in Bristol, Cambridge and Manchester (4 arrests reported).

“In Oxford, students and civilians occupied the iconic Radcliffe Camera, and are calling for supporters to join them. Reports indicate the occupiers are enjoying themselves, having managed to bring in a sound system!
“Many of the occupiers, including those in Cardiff, have announced their intention to remain in occupation until their demands have been met.
“Cops in Bristol were spotted on duty without their numbers displayed, which we’d been assured would never happen again.”
Another day of action is being called for Tuedsay November 30.


fitting graffito on the warroom revolution!

Quick report from outside Parliament- National Student Walk-Out Demo, London

13:32 – Large crowd – Many many thousands of young (and not so-young people), outside Parliament, right now the police have blocked all the people inside a cordon/ ‘kettle’. Cops are not letting anyone leave at present. A police van was smashed and attacked when it was stuck in the crowd. The cops are trying to arrest/attack anyone who is masked up, but now it is getting better and the people are more strong. there is a sound-system, dancing, lots of whistles, shouting slogans, good atmosphere.

on the run – street news

The Radcliffe Camera of the Bodleian library, oxford, has been occupied

A student  Students across the UK are taking direct action against the double whammy of 300% tuition fee rises and huge cuts in higher education funding.

80 students occupy Warwick university

80 people are currently occupying the conference hall in Warwick art centre, on Warwick University campus

More people, apparently now including union sabbatical officers (belatedly) and supportive lecturers are outside the room being blocked from entering by security. Security are being heavy handed: three guards and one police officer (PC8532) earlier grabbed one student by force and tried to drag him away and arrest him (after others showed solidarity and de-arrested him they said “we will see you later”).

Students are determined to hold the space — we will set up a true “free university” with workshops, talks, films etc. to show them how it’s done. We are currently drawing up a full statement. The occupation is entirely non-violent, and we will not obstruct lectures (there are no lectures in the room today but wil be tomorrow) — but we will not let them take our university off us.

warwick student

Great news!

Make sure you barricade yourselves in properly this time.


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