>Dozens of comrades ex appropriated products from Vassilopoulos super market on Surracouseon and lambrini street and gave them out to people in the nearby local market. The action was accompanied by banners, flyers and slogans.

Posted on November 7, 2010



Dozens of comrades went in to the super market of the known chain Vassilopoulos and ex appropriated products while other comrades outside gave out flyers and blocked the road with a banner that wrote “all is stolen all belongs to us”. After that the products were given out to the people that worked and shopped in the local market next door.
About 7 minutes l after cops of the d.i.a.s. Raided the market with their baton in hand with the known macho attitude, and looked for the comrades to apply their class “justice”, eternally subjugated to the guarding of their bosses and their wealth.(that day they were in a special trip because of the case with the letterbombs.)
The whole action has not been mentioned anywhere in the media and its not impossible that the line that will be followed from now on with these actions is the cover up by silence.
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