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Brussels – Molotov cocktails against buildings of Federal Judiciary Police

burnt out vehicles at Incourt
suie e cendres

BRUSSELS – Molotov cocktails were thrown against the buildings of the Judiciary Federal Police in Brussels. This was said by the television news of VTM and confirmed by the federal police.The incendiary projectiles were thrown from the Kortenberglaan in Bruxelles against one of the sides of the buildings where the central directions of Federal Police concerning economic and financial fraud (DJF) and of the technical and scientific police (DJT) are. On the wall, traces of the flames of eight meters can be seen. On the inside of the buildings, the damage is limited. The authors are said to have broken the windows. Investigation is lead by the police of the zone Brussels-Ixelles3.11.2010

On Saturday, in Incourt on the other hand, INCOURT – Fire was put to a police car in the Freedom Street. The car was parked in front of the communal house and the CPAS (“social welfare” institution). The fire spread to a van of the communal services parked next to the police car, before damaging also the building of the CPAS. The roof was touched by the fire and all windows exploded.

Brussels – 40 masked people attack police with molotovs

suie e cendres
BRUSSELS – Tension is rising in the neighbourhood of Anderlecht. Police fear that one small spark would be enough to provoke again riots. Last weekend, on Saturday evening, around 40 youngsters, all masked, attacked a police patrol coming back from an intervention with molotov cocktails. Two police cars were destroyed. Although the Federal Police sent in reinforcements, nobody was arrested. Next day it was calmer, but still several police patrols were attacked with stones by small groups of youngsters.
This news only came out when a journalist contacted the union of the police, whining that “the violence against the police has become a banality.
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