>Seven arrested as police clash with ‘illegal rave’ crowd in London

Posted on November 2, 2010



Seven people were arrested after an operation by police to halt a suspected illegal rave in central London descended into violence.

Police were called out to the party in a disused eight-storey building in High Holborn shortly before midnight on Saturday.
Police had to let the rave go ahead (PA) 
Officers asked the 500-strong crowd to disperse, but a number of people at the rave responded angrily and they were forced to call in back-up.
Partygoers then clashed with riot police, with bottles and bricks thrown, and buildings and cars damaged.
Police detained seven people on suspicion of public order offences before eventually deciding to let the rave continue.
Officers remained in the area to supervise the event and ensure there was no further trouble. The party was still in progress when dawn broke on Sunday morning.
Two members of the public and one police officer were taken to hospital following the violent exchanges, while a number of other officers received treatment for cuts and bruises.
 he report says the last contingent of ravers left at 4.15pm on Sunday, about 18 hours after the party started.
It said one ‘organiser’ had told the paper: “There will be a big resurgence of this sort of thing because of the economic situation. It’s mirroring what happened in the last recession.”

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