>Greece – Solidarity to Kostas Gournas, member of Revolutionary Struggle on hunger strike since 9 October

Posted on October 28, 2010



15 10 2010
Kostas Gournas, member of Revolutionary Struggle and on remand in Trikala Prison, began a hunger strike on 9 October with the ‘outrageous’ claim be transferred to Korydallos prison in order to see his 22-month-old twin children.

The vindictiveness of the State against both the defendants in the Revolutionary Struggle case and more generally those who challenge and resist bourgeois legitimacy is a given (with many examples over the years). The State also makes a point of punishing the children of fighters more. Finally, we are aware that the “legal culture” only affects those who move within the boundaries of bourgeois legality, e.g. Christoforakos of the Siemens case, etc.
From the first time the State has opted for the six comrades of the Revolutionary Struggle case to be dispersed in various jails of the country with the clear objective of making it difficult for them to have contact with their lawyers about their case, and to isolate them from their families and co-defendants.
We express our full solidarity with the hunger striker Kostas Gournas, claiming that risking one’s life is the most obvious right of any detained person in order to be close to home so as to facilitate contact with his family.
As Action for Freedom we demand that all prisoners in the case be transferred to the prison of Korydallos in order to facilitate contact with their families and with their lawyers in order to prepare for trial.
Abolish the system of quarantine imposed on Nikos Maziotis and Sarantos Nikitopoulos in the underground F Wing of Korydallos Prison
Solidarity is our weapon


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