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Posted on October 21, 2010



Wednesday 20th October

Police besides interrogation now keeps a presence in the juridical proceedings as well

On monday October 4th 2010 the court council assembled on the subject of lifting or extending my detention beyond the 6 month period, which I was called to attend in person. After I entered the meeting room and my mandatory uncuffing, the police force that accompanied me not only did not withdraw, as it usually happens, but multiplied. In the demand of my lawyers that they withdraw, the cops replied with a written order from their superior, that ordered my guarding inside the meeting room as well, with the excuse that “I am an anarchist and as an anarchist I am especially dangerous for public safety”. The document was read openly by the chairman of the council and after a few minutes of discussion it became acceptable, without however, and despite the demand of my lawyers, being included in the records. An example, among uncountable, of the role of juridical authority as an agent of the police and eminently of the absolute core of urban democracy, this incident constitutes, at the same time, one more ring in the chain of methods that composes the particular physiognomy of my prosecution. A political prosecution and simultaneously a pilot, since in my case what is being attempted here is the legal ratification and the social legalization of use of genetic material (DNA) as exclusive evidence for the attribution of charges.
Commonly, what is judged is the ability to manufacture guilty people, with only proof of evidence the scientific-looking results of the biological laboratories of gada (greek police headquarters). In this context, incidents, as the above, acquire a particular symbolism. Precisely the moment where the gendarmish tactics tend to help the “scientific”, therefore “incorruptible”, DNA analyses, we found ourselves at the point that the smelly delivery of domestic state repression and “communist-gang ware” meets the totalitarianism of the future. 

Aris Sirinidis
Political prisoner, 1st wing koridallos prisons.
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